Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

So the past few years I have not been to serious about resolutions but this year I am. Here they are. 1. Give up all meat except for fish 2. Give up dairy YES!!! I said it NO DAIRY! 3. Lose 50 pounds by June. I have my 10 year high school reunion this summer. ugh! But if I do lose 50 pounds I will be just a bit lighter than I was on my wedding day but still 50 lbs heavier than my HS graduation day. However I have lost 50 pounds since Jake was born in July. 4. Work on my marriage. Kiss my husband more, hug him more, tell him I love him more. 5. Be a more patient mother.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Update

Can the holidays be over now? I am so sick of them...why???? I am usually a very happy person this time of year and I hate seeing the holidays go but I just want it to be Easter now and summer again. So we all got a major flu this past week and were very sick over the weekend...suckola! On xmas eve we went to the MILs house and to our joy my crack head SIL was invited to dinner. Her update....boyfriend in jail, 2 roommates in jail, she is on disability getting paid by the state to be home because she has mental problems...yeah that happens when you fry your brain with drugs lady!!!!! oh did i mention she is in her 40's with the brain of a 16 year old. Sunday was nice we spent it with my family but we were all sick. Riley made out like a bandit. I think my mom cleared out Toys R Us. I told her next year we need to coordinate because she needs to not buy more than we do. Yesterday we just stayed home and had mounds and mounds of laundry to do. More laundry tonight. Oh what about a knitting update you ask? Well I thought I would actually get to knit something for myself now but my dear husband reminded me that I promised him a hat after I was done with christmas projects so that is what I am working on now.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Here are the gifts in all their glory!

Well maybe not that glorious...... so what we have here

from left to right....

Seed stitch scarf for brother's girlfriend made out of a wool silk blend

Lace sort of I think pattern scarf for my mom. Jo Sharp wool.

Ice blue baby alpaca hat for friend.

Hat for Dad cascade 220

Felted coasters for MIL cascade 220.

I also have fingerless gloves out of Cascade 220 for my brother but I haven't finished them yet. Hey I still have 24 hours right?

Oh yeah and I am getting over the flu. nice! Yesterday was the worst day, fever, chills, shaking, and taking care of two children under the age of three while husband slept because he is sick too. Sometimes I hate being the woman.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Yay! Work Holiday Party!

This is me today at the work holiday potluck thingie that is going on at 11. Thankfully my friend is picking me up at 12:30 for lunch at a mexican restaurant. I think I will need the margarita after a work party here in the depths of hell. Really I am not that depressed of a person. My humor really lifts me up....seriously :) I made peanut butter rice with applesauce. I know sounds weird but it is pretty good. The evil side of me thought it would be funny to do some sort of dish that requred milk and I could put my own breastmilk in and snicker in the corner of the room as everyone ate my dish but then a friend said "why waste all of those good antibodies on people you don't like" and I was like "YEAH! good point". I wouldn't do it anyway I would probably get sued but it was something to entertain my brain anyway. Now you are all going to thing twice before you eat something at a potluck aren't you?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Can I complain?

I am just not happy right now...well for a while I have not been "happy". I mean like deep down happy and satisfied. Why you ask? 1. My job sucks! I quit a job I liked because I couldn't afford the gas $ to drive 60 miles round trip every day for a PT job. Yes the job I have now pays more montly because it is full-time and next month my benefits kick in but this place freaking sucks. People are rude, morale is horrible, and there are just a lot of idiots. And there is this guy that works in my area that does not play nice with others. UGH! 2. Due to the cesarian that I had in July (that is a rant in itself. I was "supposed" to have this wonderful natural out of hospital birth) now we have all of these medical bills that we can't possibly pay. Also a really good friend of mine is pregnant and wants to complain about how she is afraid of labor (valid fear) but I just can't listen to this because she has had three children vaginally. Yes I have had one the old fashioned way but if I want anymore that way it won't be easy. I had to tell her that I am almost mourning a death. That is what it feels like. 3. Adding to that was the breast surgery I had last month. Yes thank GOD I don't have breast cancer but still adds to the stress. 4. Going along with the above is that I was on bedrest before the cesarian = not getting paid from work. Plus the time I took off to recover from the breast surgery = no money. 5. I am now dealing with a two and a half year old that was used to me being around more and now all we do is fight. I hate it. I think she needs me but I HAVE to work this stupid job so we can pay the bills and so we don't loose our house and our car. 6. My husband and I are not getting along. He likes to be "funny" ie: makes annoying side comments to everything and I just can't handle it anymore. 7. My stupid brother set up some "family picture" with Santa. I told my mom that I WAS NOT going to sit on Santa's lap for her this year. Hello I am freaking 27 years old and I am too old to get my picture taken with Santa. Well my brother the kiss ass tells my parents that of course he will and why don't they all go together. Ok that = a family picture that I am not going to be in? So of course I am going now! urgh! 8. So you add in all of the above together and you get a very stressed out angry person that I don't like being stuck inside. THANK GOD FOR KNITTING!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

100 Things About Me

I keep seeing these so I figure I will do one for myself. Yes I am at work with nothing to do : ) Ok there is no rhyme or reason to this either. It is pretty random as I think of them. 1. Both of my biological parents are twins. 2. My daughter has a twin that I miscarried early on in my pregnancy we named him/her Hunter 3. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. 4. When I had my son at Swedish Hospital I actually stayed on room next to the one my mom was in when she had me. 5. I went to WSU for 2 years Go Cougs! 6. I almost drowned while at CYO camp when I was nine. 7. I am Roman Catholic. 8. I met my husband at a bar on St. Patrick's Day. 9. We were married the next year. 10. We had Riley (our daughter) 11 days before our first anniversary. 11. I swear I have seen my guardian angel. 12. I was born on June 29, 1978 13. I used to work with a girl who had the same birthday. 14. I have a half-brother. 15. I also went to UW for a year or so. 16. I graduated from Seattle Central Community College with a graphic/web design degree. 17. I didn't go to my graduation ceremony because I was 9 months pregnant and couldn't afford the cap and gown. I wish I would have gone. 18. My mom left my bio-dad when I was 1 because he was highly abusive. 19. I was the flower girl in my mom's second wedding to my step-dad. 20. I went to the same highschool as my husband although we didn't know eachother then. 21. I also grew up 6 blocks away from my husband. 22. I was named after Abraham's wife Sarah. 23. I guess I am related to Mark Twain in some distant way through marriage. 24. I went to disneyland when I was 8 and then again for my honeymoon. 25. I am a redhead and married one and we have redhead kids. 26. My aunts dog bit me when I was a toddler and I have a scar on my face still. 27. My childhood pet Mittens the cat died when I was 23. She was 15. That was very hard. 28. I was raped when I was 20. At a party. I drank too much and he knew it. 29. My favorite colors are Aphid Green and Orange. 30. I live in a very small house in Burien. 31. I have two dogs Bob and Bella. They are black lab mixes. 32. I am still very good friends with a friend I met in college almost 10 years ago. 33. I have had one cesarian I was trying for a natural childbirth 34. I had two golf ball sized lumps removed from my left breast in November benign YES! 35. I basically taught myself to knit from an old book my mom has. 36. I am a very big proponent of breastfeeding. 37. I am still (yes still) breastfeeding my 2 1/2 year old daughter AND my 5 month old son mostly from one breast. 38. I love WOOL YARN! 39. My son was 10lbs 6 oz at birth. 40. My daughter was 7lbs 7oz. 41. My aunt (mother's twin sister) thinks I am minipulative. 42. I want to be a doula or a midwife someday. 43. I also want to be a La Leche League leader. 44. My first job was at Mc Donald's 45. I actually lost weight when I worked at Mc Donald's 46. I need to lose 100 pounds 47. I used to think I was fat in Highschool when I was a size 9. 48. I love soccer. 49. I haven't played soccer competitively in about 6 years. I miss it. 50. I was on the gymnastics team in High School. 51. I tore both of my quad muscles in High School. That hurts. 52. I had ankle surgery when I was 16 to remove a bone chip. 53. When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist. 54. I also wanted to be an opera singer. 55. I am tone deaf. 56. My favorite holiday is Easter. 57. I cry at baptisms. 58. My favorite movie is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 59. Favorite book: Memoirs of a Geisha. 60. Favorite Food: Thai. 61. I re-met my bio-dad when I was 17 and not living with my mom. 62. 5 years later he was out of my life. 63. I won an art contest when I was in third grade. 64. My second grade teacher told my mom I needed counseling because I was having "social" problems. Turns out I just didn't like any of my classmates. 65. I had my first kiss in 7th grade. What an awkward moment. 66. I lost my virginity at 15. 67. I want to have one more child but I am scared of having another cesarean and do not want another cesarian but VBAC in Washington state is a fight to get. 68. I am highly clostraphobic. 69. I get nervous riding in elevators. 70. I went to Catholic grade school. 71. I am an oldest child (who married a youngest child) 72. I took German in college 73. I am mostly of Norwegian heritage. 74. I am allergic to percocet. 75. I love anything French although I have never been to France. 76. I am growing my hair out to donate it. I have 2 more inches to go. 77. I have never had hair this long in my entire life. 78. I once had VERY short hair only an inch long. 79. Yes I voted for George W. Bush and I don't regret it. 80. I consider myself mostly republican. 81. Oddly enough I think Bill Clinton was a great president. 82. I have never liked my body. 83. I have a 98 year old great-grandmother 84. I have really cool eyes. They match my hair. 85. I am afraid to fly in a plane 86. I have only visited 7 of our 51 states and British Columbia, Canada. 87. I wanted to be an anthropologist when I was at WSU. 88. I regret leaving WSU to be closer to my highschool sweetheart. 89. My HS sweetheart broke up with me on my 20th birthday and broke my heart. 90. I am so thankful that he broke my heart. 91. I still have my appendix. 92. I have very large breasts (G) 93. I snore very loudly when I am pregnant or sick. 94. I am an Art History buff. 95. I have had 3 last names in my lifetime. 96. I have been in one play I was in the fifth grade 97. I enjoy knitting because I feel it is the one thing I am good at. 98. I am my own worst critic. 99. I love oil painting. 100. I want to own a yarn shop some day.

Thank you Kim!

Thanks Kim for recommending KnitPicks for sweater yarn. I think the Wool of the Andes will be perfectly in my budget! I can do a great first sweater for myself and not feel bad if I make a mistake. That will definitely be purchased the first paycheck after Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Knitty Love

Ok is Christmas here yet?! I want to be done with my Christmas gifts so that I can start on something from the latest knitty issue. I think I am going to make Kate for my cat loving 2 year old daughter. I do have some sock yarn that I have not used and was thinking of making these. I would LOVE to make one of the sweaters for myself but I am plus sized and I have no clue yet how to adjust. I do see however, that Bristow has a XXL sizing. That might actually work. I just have the largest chest in the world but I usually don't wear things closed anyway. HMMMM I should try that one. But I would need 20 50g skeins of something. I don't know what I could buy in my budget that would work. That is what keeps me from making sweaters for myself really. I love Cascade 220 and that might work but it would cost $60 to make the sweater out of that. I just don't have that money all at once. I suppose I could buy half the yarn one month and the other half the next month.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ok I know you are all DYING to see what I really look like. Here you go! Glamorous I know. I was really holding off posting a pic of my hot self because I didn’t want a throng of internet stalkers after me. Getting back to business this is the hat I knit up last weekend with the baby alpaca yarn that I got at the Yarn Gallery in West Seattle. Here is my husband hamming it up for the sake of my knitting blog. What a sport! This is the second hat I made for my dad that he will actually get. I like this one MUCH better than the first hat I made. Knit from Cascade 220.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holiday Gift Update

I will need to post a picture later but I am finally getting along with my holiday gift projects. So what I have finished is.... Hat for dad. This is actually the second hat. I really DID NOT like how the first one came out so I found another hat pattern and made him another one and my husband gets the reject :) I might actually tear out the first one and make it into something else. One fingerless glove for brother. I had to move on to some other projects so I wouldn't get bored. I will probably do the second glove this weekend. Hat for friend. mmmmm I got some yummy baby alpaca wool from The Yarn Gallery this weekend and put a hat together for my friend. Almost done with a scarf for mom. Then I need to do a scarf for bro's girlfriend and the felted pot holders for my mother-in-law.

Friday, December 02, 2005


It would have been helpful if I would have put a link in my previous post!

Who wants Lavender?

So I sell Lavender Love products and I am giving anyone who orders in the month of December 10% off their order the code is yule.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bored at work

I am so freaking bored. It is 9:30 am and I have NO WORK TO DO! Being a knitter at a full time job is not an easy thing to do. Especially since my knitting is sitting in a bag behind me calling my name. Good news. I have a job interview today! I SO hope I get this job. I hate my job right now. Actually scratch that I don't hate my job there are a few people that work here that are miserable and make work miserable. Why can't people just be happy? Well a little knitting update. I finished a hat that was supposed to be for my dad but I really didn't like how the pattern ended up and it fit my husband really well so I just gave it to him. I finished a charity scarf for Plymouth House. I really urge everyone to do this. It was fun and you get to give someone a nice warm fuzzy gift and all it took was my time because they supply the yarn. Now I am working on the fingerless gloves for my brother. I really need to get started on my other knit gifts. Why did I decide at the end of October that I was going to do knit gift for christmas for everyone? I think that actually a few people are going to get fleece scarfs and hats because that will be cheap quick and easy and be nice as well. Then next year I will start my xmas gifts in june!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Post surgery fun

Well I had two golf ball sized lumps taken out of my left breast yesterday. They appear to be benign but they still grew pretty rapidly and the best thing was to just get them out. My dear fellow knitting friend brought me over some goodies yesterday. FUN TIMES! So I will be spending a few days off my feet in my comfy recliner knitting, reading my mags and nursing Jake.

Knitting for Charity

So I got my kit for the Plymouth House scarf. I decided to put this at the top of my knitting projects.

Friday, November 18, 2005


OK I am sure I am not the first person to do this but it is so freaking frustrating. So I have been working on fingerless mittens for a few weeks and I just finished the second one and put it on....oh yeah I made two left handed gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when I started the right hand I was consciously thinking about switching the thumb gusset.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

On the sticks and off the sticks

Boa Scarf
Knitting this one to go with the fingerless gloves and purple hat for a friend. This is SUPER SOFT AND WARM. I am knitting this in the same stuff I was thinking of making a scarf for my mom.
Rowan Purse
I am about halfway done with this purse. It is in Rowan #35. It actually had a circular design but I decided to do stripes in stead. I saw it at Hilltop in an orange cotton and it was really nice. I might actually go get some orange cotton and do another purse in my own design.

Pink Poncho

I finished this one up last night by adding a ruffled crochet edge. It is done in Cascade Quattro. Really nice yarn but sometimes working with the yarn was a bit annoying but all worthwile. Looks damn good on a redhead too!

Purple Hat

Knit this one for a friend. Goes with the fingerless mittens and boa scarf. Looks small and tall here but on it is nice and form fitting. I also added a ruffled crocet edge on this one.

Fingerless Mittens

Got one done. I am going to put a ruffled croceted edge on too.


Ok first my dog HATES me! We got a new dog from some very nice people about a month ago and she likes to chew of her favorites happens to be yarn...not a good mix! So a friend and I went to the Acorn Street yarn shop last week and I got my yarn for christmas presents. Shown here :) And the next day when I went to work I noticed I had not put the bag up so I put it in my basket next to my recliner and when I came home she had eaten through the bag (wish I took a picture of that) and had pulled all the skeins out and had been nibbling on them. THANK GOD she didn't ruin any. They survived!

Oh! I should say what bought. Most of it is Cascade 220 (purple for felted pot holders, 2 black for fingerless gloves and hats, charcoal grey for hat, orange for pumpkin hats) and the cool orangy red, yellow sock yarn.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Am I really that boring?

Ok I know my blog isn't that exciting but is it really that boring? Now that spammers can't comment I was hoping to get comments from other knitters and I will try to be more exciting. I am really working on a lot of projects. I will try to take prettier pictures. Really people I have two children under the age of three I am trying as hard as I can :)

Monday, November 07, 2005

Christmas! Here's what I will do

So I am VERY BORED at work and cruising blogs and saw on a blog a woman had what she was making her family members for here goes! Ok I hope none of my family members check this blog....if you are related to me DON'T READ THIS!!!! To all of you knitters I would really love recommendations on patterns I should use for any of these projects. Mom - luscious scarf I think I like to mix this stuff with this stuff. It makes for a really nice and warm scarf Dad - I am thinking of making him a nice warm winter hat. He works downtown and works on the Piers a lot so he might appreciate it. I am thinking this hat. I am thinking just maybe doing it in all black. My dad isn't really flashy. Brother - Fingerless gloves or mittens all the way. He is a longshoreman and I think he will really appreciate some. These are cool. Can a man wear them though? Are they too girly? Actually I think these are perfect! Husband - not going to work I will never have time to make something without him seeing it. Mother-in-Law - I want to make her something really nice but I have no idea what to make. She is a hairdresser and likes to be made up nicely every day. Loves hearts and the color purple...any suggestions? Maybe I could just knit her some really cute heart tree decorations. Or I could knit her a felted heart and make it into a pin or something. Brother's Girlfriend - I am thinking the same scarf that I am going to make for my mom.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


So I finished a hat this weekend (i will post pictures) and I am now going to attempt these gloves . I was initially looking for fingered gloves but these look really cute.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Go Away Spammers!

Ok I am getting sick of posting and seeing comments and getting excited thinking that it is one of my ring people when really it is just spam!


So last weekend I went to my local knitting shop to look for sock yarn and some needles. I have been wanting to attempt socks for the longest time and found a pattern on the Lion Brand site. Well I got my needles but the only sock yarn she had for sale was over $20 a skeing. Don't get me wrong it was GEORGEOS yarn but I just didn't want to invest that much money on something I knew I was probably going to tear out at least once due to a mistake. So we got to talking and I told her where I got my pattern and that I was just looking for some simple cheap sock yarn to practice....well....she goes in the back and brings this stuff out and gave it to me! How nice is that! This was the second weekend I was in getting supplies so I probably looked familiar too. But free yarn! Awesome! It is Cascade stripes something or other. The shop is pretty nice. A little small but it has a lot of Cascade 220 so when I need more it is close and for a reasonable price. I am also going to take her sock knitting class after the holidays. She was actually working on some socks while I was there and was showing me how she teaches socks and it is so much easier than what I am doing here. She just does it on one long circular metal needle and goes back and forth sliding the needle. So anyway for this pair of socks I was so close to finishing the heel but after I picked up stitches I started knitting from the inside instead of the outside and so the outside was all purl so I ripped it out and now I am working it again. I need to go a bit farther to get to where I start the heel again.


Again my own idea inspired by the pumpkins. I love this hat. I am also working on another one that is a bit larger. These hats are all made with Cascade this yarn! This is also my first attempt at the fair isle technique of knitting with two yarns. Thank you!

Pumpkin Patch

Ok I finally have some time to take pictures and show you all what I have been doing. So on my yarn pilgrimage a while ago I got a cute pumpkin hat pattern and made a hat each for my kids then I did my own rendition for a newborn hat. We never did get to go to the pumpkin patch all of us and the kids in their hats but they do wear them every day out of the house....ahhh love!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Where did my knitting time go?

I realize I really need to update this blog with my projects. I started a new full-time job this week and it has really cut into my knitting time geesh! I started on the purse from Rowan. The Rowan cotton is so nice! I will post pictures of it this weekend. I really need to get started on something babyish and girlish for an old co-worker. She is having a baby girl in december. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There are some cute mary-jane style booties traveling around the internet somewhere. I need to find it. I sort of finished the poncho I made for Riley. I bound off before making a garter edge so it is rolling up. argh! I am thinking that maybe if I put the fringe on the end it might not roll up so much. Or maybe I should just sew under the edge. Who knows!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pink Poncho

I am working on the Poncho for Riley. I am using Cascade Quattro 80% pima cotton 20% wool. The screen just doesn't do the color justice. It is so cute! I am working on the hood right now and then I will add fringe to the bottom.

Socks on the brain

Ok I spent WAY too much money on yarn and knitting supplies the past week. What I did not get was anything to knit socks with. I keep thinking about socks socks socks socks! Maybe because it is fall who knows. The only pair of socks I have ever knit were for my toddler and they turned out horribly! I want to take a sock class. There is a knit shop here in Burien called Olivia's Yarn Shop. Anyone been there? They do have a sock class I am thinking of taking maybe next month. Has anyone attempted socks without taking a class? It is the whole heel thing that was throwing me off before. However, I am a much more experienced knitter now. Maybe I should just find a pattern and attempt a pair. I just keep thinking of cozy warm socks for fall and winter. After I finish Riley's poncho I was going to start on a cute bag that was in Rowan #35. I am a little nervous as it changes colors often. I figure I have pretty much taught myself knitting thus far so I can tackle this. Then fabric is hand sewn into the inside of the bag. I have some really beautiful batik fabric that I hope will work. If not I have some black toille I might use.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Matching Hats

So I made a matching pumpkin hat for my 2 year old. They are going to look so cute at the pumpkin patch this year! I am thinking of making my own version of a strawberry hat pattern.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pumpkin Hat

This has to be the fastest project I have ever done. Insomnia really helps. I started this one yesterday and finished just now. HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS??!! I am making a matching hat for my 2 year old today. I am wondering if it would look better with a green stem on the top though? I wasn't feeling that adventurous though. This was also my first time trying the wrap and turn method. It is supposed to make the top nubbin have a bit of a crook in it. Can't really see it that much though.

Yarn Pilgrimage

I had the best time today! Well actually yesterday (I am up at 4:30 am on Sunday now with an upset stomach argh!). A friend and I went around the Seattle area to a few yarn shops just dinking around. I learned that there is a lot to knitting that I don't know. For instance I had no idea about the yarn winder thingy LOL! I of course spent way to much money but I am going to churn out a few very cute items for the kids. Where did we go and what did I get? First we hit Hilltop Yarns in Bellevue. What a beautiful place. The store layout was great, beautiful yarn, and love how they color cooridinate the displays. I got a Fiber Trends pumpkin hat pattern and some orange colored Cascade 220 (friend let me borrow some of her green for the brim). They also have two baskets full of free patterns (2 with purchase). So I got a baby sweater pattern and a cute animal pattern. Then we headed down to the U-District. We went to U-Village for lunch ate at this yummy noodle place (can't remember the name). Putzed around there for a bit. Picked up some Hanna Anderson moccassins for my son. I have been eyeing these since my 2 year old was born. So after a few hours at U-Village we headed to the Acorn Street yarn shop. Small shop but packed as full as it can be. So my friend said and she was right! While there I picked up a cute ponco pattern for my 2 year old. A sweater for my infant son and the yarn to go with both patterns, needles, and a measuring tape. After giving Jake a snack and chatting when we got back in the car we were pooped and just headed home. It ended up being about 8 hours of shopping fun at that point. So I got home and started on the cute pumpkin hat. I should finish today later after I got back to bed and sleep some more. I will post pictures when it is done. I am thinking of making a matching pumpkin hat for my daughter. They can wear them to the pumpkin patch next weekend. Happy knitting!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well I just finished the overalls. Well actually they aren't really finished completely but my knitting is done. I just need to sew two buttons on them now wash and lanolize them and then they will be ready for Jake to wear!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Giving up

Ok I am just going to give up looking for the sweater pattern. I just searched for like an hour on the internet using the same freaking keywords that I used in the first place and didn't find it. I did however find a TON of other cute patterns. So I am just going to undo what I did....which was a lot and knit something else. I did buy the ohh-alls pattern from Little Turtle Knits. Maybe I will work on that. WHO KNOWS!

Baby Legs

I have to pass on this web site Baby Legs. This woman was at the picnic I went to today for the midwives that I used. These are the cutest things and perfect! I got a few for Jake and Riley. They fit infants to toddlers.

Target Deals

So I noticed on another blog that Target had some knitting supplies in their $1 deal baskents. I went and checked it out today. The yarn skeins were quite small of course but what knitting lover passes up $1 skeins? Not this one. I figured I could make a few scarves for Christmas gifts at least. Still have not found the pattern for the sweater. It is aggrivating. I know I found it online and why am I not finding the page again when I search google with the same keywords? argh! So meanwhile I am just working on the pants from knitty. I am going to make a few pairs I think for my son.

Friday, September 09, 2005

On to a new project

So I still can't find the pattern to the sweater I was knitting. Note to self "always copy patterns from the internet and save them to word on your computer or bookmark them!" Anyway I am working on these pants now. It is actually my first pair of pants. I am knitting them in the fisherman's wool that is found at Joann's. I need some longies for my son since fall seems to be upon us. Since I have never knit pants I have also never started from the bottom up. Pretty interesting. I also thought it was cool how it turns the work under to get the cuff on the bottom. Pretty cool! I accidentaly knit my cuff double what it calls for. I figured it wouldn't change much so I just left it. So can anyone recommend any good knitting stores in the seattle area? or south of seattle since we are in the burien area.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thank you Mr. Mailman!

The bamboo needles I ordered came in the mail today! I love bamboo needles. I know I know I don't have to order them online but dragging two children under the age of three to the store to get them and maybe they won't even be there is quite painful to a tired worn out mother.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ok so I didn't get time to knit today. I could be knitting right now of course but what am I doing...oh yeah I am on the web. Today was a LONG day. Today was Jake's first day away from me at work :( He actually did ok. Thank God! We tried giving him a bottle over the weekend and he wouldn't take it. He did take one for my friend who was watching him today. I figured if he got hungry enough he would. That boy eats a ton! Much more than Riley ever did. I could tell just by how much I was pumping too. I felt like the milk queen today. Hopefully he does well tomorrow too. And hopefully I get time to knit tomorrow. I am working on this baby sweater and lost the stupid pattern! argh! I am sure some little Riley hands probably walked away with it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ok not so dumb

So I figured out the navigation bar....just switch to a new template :) My links work with this one for some reason. I didn't change anything in the codes go figure. I am about halfway done with the sweater I am knitting for Jake. He probably will be too big for it when I am done with the way he is growing so fast. Oh I have noticed that on some knitting blogs people have projects they are working on and what percentage they are on the project. If anyone reads this can you please let me know how I can do that. Is there a code or I just put it in myself.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is wrong with me?

I am a freaking graphic designer by day and can't figure out what is wrong with my left navigation bar. I know a few of those links are not showing up right and I have been playing with them forever. Must be the lack of sleep. So last night I was all excited that everyone was in bed early so I could sit up and knit. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and happily started knitting. As I am doing this I keep glancing up at my very messy living room. Of course the cleaning bug took over and I spent the next hour cleaning my entire house. So much for knitting!