Friday, September 09, 2005

On to a new project

So I still can't find the pattern to the sweater I was knitting. Note to self "always copy patterns from the internet and save them to word on your computer or bookmark them!" Anyway I am working on these pants now. It is actually my first pair of pants. I am knitting them in the fisherman's wool that is found at Joann's. I need some longies for my son since fall seems to be upon us. Since I have never knit pants I have also never started from the bottom up. Pretty interesting. I also thought it was cool how it turns the work under to get the cuff on the bottom. Pretty cool! I accidentaly knit my cuff double what it calls for. I figured it wouldn't change much so I just left it. So can anyone recommend any good knitting stores in the seattle area? or south of seattle since we are in the burien area.

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