Friday, October 28, 2005

Where did my knitting time go?

I realize I really need to update this blog with my projects. I started a new full-time job this week and it has really cut into my knitting time geesh! I started on the purse from Rowan. The Rowan cotton is so nice! I will post pictures of it this weekend. I really need to get started on something babyish and girlish for an old co-worker. She is having a baby girl in december. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There are some cute mary-jane style booties traveling around the internet somewhere. I need to find it. I sort of finished the poncho I made for Riley. I bound off before making a garter edge so it is rolling up. argh! I am thinking that maybe if I put the fringe on the end it might not roll up so much. Or maybe I should just sew under the edge. Who knows!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pink Poncho

I am working on the Poncho for Riley. I am using Cascade Quattro 80% pima cotton 20% wool. The screen just doesn't do the color justice. It is so cute! I am working on the hood right now and then I will add fringe to the bottom.

Socks on the brain

Ok I spent WAY too much money on yarn and knitting supplies the past week. What I did not get was anything to knit socks with. I keep thinking about socks socks socks socks! Maybe because it is fall who knows. The only pair of socks I have ever knit were for my toddler and they turned out horribly! I want to take a sock class. There is a knit shop here in Burien called Olivia's Yarn Shop. Anyone been there? They do have a sock class I am thinking of taking maybe next month. Has anyone attempted socks without taking a class? It is the whole heel thing that was throwing me off before. However, I am a much more experienced knitter now. Maybe I should just find a pattern and attempt a pair. I just keep thinking of cozy warm socks for fall and winter. After I finish Riley's poncho I was going to start on a cute bag that was in Rowan #35. I am a little nervous as it changes colors often. I figure I have pretty much taught myself knitting thus far so I can tackle this. Then fabric is hand sewn into the inside of the bag. I have some really beautiful batik fabric that I hope will work. If not I have some black toille I might use.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Matching Hats

So I made a matching pumpkin hat for my 2 year old. They are going to look so cute at the pumpkin patch this year! I am thinking of making my own version of a strawberry hat pattern.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pumpkin Hat

This has to be the fastest project I have ever done. Insomnia really helps. I started this one yesterday and finished just now. HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS??!! I am making a matching hat for my 2 year old today. I am wondering if it would look better with a green stem on the top though? I wasn't feeling that adventurous though. This was also my first time trying the wrap and turn method. It is supposed to make the top nubbin have a bit of a crook in it. Can't really see it that much though.

Yarn Pilgrimage

I had the best time today! Well actually yesterday (I am up at 4:30 am on Sunday now with an upset stomach argh!). A friend and I went around the Seattle area to a few yarn shops just dinking around. I learned that there is a lot to knitting that I don't know. For instance I had no idea about the yarn winder thingy LOL! I of course spent way to much money but I am going to churn out a few very cute items for the kids. Where did we go and what did I get? First we hit Hilltop Yarns in Bellevue. What a beautiful place. The store layout was great, beautiful yarn, and love how they color cooridinate the displays. I got a Fiber Trends pumpkin hat pattern and some orange colored Cascade 220 (friend let me borrow some of her green for the brim). They also have two baskets full of free patterns (2 with purchase). So I got a baby sweater pattern and a cute animal pattern. Then we headed down to the U-District. We went to U-Village for lunch ate at this yummy noodle place (can't remember the name). Putzed around there for a bit. Picked up some Hanna Anderson moccassins for my son. I have been eyeing these since my 2 year old was born. So after a few hours at U-Village we headed to the Acorn Street yarn shop. Small shop but packed as full as it can be. So my friend said and she was right! While there I picked up a cute ponco pattern for my 2 year old. A sweater for my infant son and the yarn to go with both patterns, needles, and a measuring tape. After giving Jake a snack and chatting when we got back in the car we were pooped and just headed home. It ended up being about 8 hours of shopping fun at that point. So I got home and started on the cute pumpkin hat. I should finish today later after I got back to bed and sleep some more. I will post pictures when it is done. I am thinking of making a matching pumpkin hat for my daughter. They can wear them to the pumpkin patch next weekend. Happy knitting!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well I just finished the overalls. Well actually they aren't really finished completely but my knitting is done. I just need to sew two buttons on them now wash and lanolize them and then they will be ready for Jake to wear!