Monday, November 07, 2005

Christmas! Here's what I will do

So I am VERY BORED at work and cruising blogs and saw on a blog a woman had what she was making her family members for here goes! Ok I hope none of my family members check this blog....if you are related to me DON'T READ THIS!!!! To all of you knitters I would really love recommendations on patterns I should use for any of these projects. Mom - luscious scarf I think I like to mix this stuff with this stuff. It makes for a really nice and warm scarf Dad - I am thinking of making him a nice warm winter hat. He works downtown and works on the Piers a lot so he might appreciate it. I am thinking this hat. I am thinking just maybe doing it in all black. My dad isn't really flashy. Brother - Fingerless gloves or mittens all the way. He is a longshoreman and I think he will really appreciate some. These are cool. Can a man wear them though? Are they too girly? Actually I think these are perfect! Husband - not going to work I will never have time to make something without him seeing it. Mother-in-Law - I want to make her something really nice but I have no idea what to make. She is a hairdresser and likes to be made up nicely every day. Loves hearts and the color purple...any suggestions? Maybe I could just knit her some really cute heart tree decorations. Or I could knit her a felted heart and make it into a pin or something. Brother's Girlfriend - I am thinking the same scarf that I am going to make for my mom.

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Reb said...

Hi, there. I saw you on the PurlyGirls group. Your family will be oh so lucky to receive these lovely gifts! I'd say make something for hubby that's not a surprise. Have fun!