Saturday, November 05, 2005


So last weekend I went to my local knitting shop to look for sock yarn and some needles. I have been wanting to attempt socks for the longest time and found a pattern on the Lion Brand site. Well I got my needles but the only sock yarn she had for sale was over $20 a skeing. Don't get me wrong it was GEORGEOS yarn but I just didn't want to invest that much money on something I knew I was probably going to tear out at least once due to a mistake. So we got to talking and I told her where I got my pattern and that I was just looking for some simple cheap sock yarn to practice....well....she goes in the back and brings this stuff out and gave it to me! How nice is that! This was the second weekend I was in getting supplies so I probably looked familiar too. But free yarn! Awesome! It is Cascade stripes something or other. The shop is pretty nice. A little small but it has a lot of Cascade 220 so when I need more it is close and for a reasonable price. I am also going to take her sock knitting class after the holidays. She was actually working on some socks while I was there and was showing me how she teaches socks and it is so much easier than what I am doing here. She just does it on one long circular metal needle and goes back and forth sliding the needle. So anyway for this pair of socks I was so close to finishing the heel but after I picked up stitches I started knitting from the inside instead of the outside and so the outside was all purl so I ripped it out and now I am working it again. I need to go a bit farther to get to where I start the heel again.


Reb said...

Do you go to The Knittery?

lynnm said...

What yarn store do you go to? I live in Des Moines and have hads a hard time finding a close one since Pastimes closed.