Sunday, November 13, 2005


Ok first my dog HATES me! We got a new dog from some very nice people about a month ago and she likes to chew of her favorites happens to be yarn...not a good mix! So a friend and I went to the Acorn Street yarn shop last week and I got my yarn for christmas presents. Shown here :) And the next day when I went to work I noticed I had not put the bag up so I put it in my basket next to my recliner and when I came home she had eaten through the bag (wish I took a picture of that) and had pulled all the skeins out and had been nibbling on them. THANK GOD she didn't ruin any. They survived!

Oh! I should say what bought. Most of it is Cascade 220 (purple for felted pot holders, 2 black for fingerless gloves and hats, charcoal grey for hat, orange for pumpkin hats) and the cool orangy red, yellow sock yarn.

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