Saturday, December 24, 2005

Here are the gifts in all their glory!

Well maybe not that glorious...... so what we have here

from left to right....

Seed stitch scarf for brother's girlfriend made out of a wool silk blend

Lace sort of I think pattern scarf for my mom. Jo Sharp wool.

Ice blue baby alpaca hat for friend.

Hat for Dad cascade 220

Felted coasters for MIL cascade 220.

I also have fingerless gloves out of Cascade 220 for my brother but I haven't finished them yet. Hey I still have 24 hours right?

Oh yeah and I am getting over the flu. nice! Yesterday was the worst day, fever, chills, shaking, and taking care of two children under the age of three while husband slept because he is sick too. Sometimes I hate being the woman.

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Nancy said...

Your Christmas gift list looks a lot like mine. I love the status bars. I haven't mastered mittens yet, fingerless or otherwise.