Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holiday Gift Update

I will need to post a picture later but I am finally getting along with my holiday gift projects. So what I have finished is.... Hat for dad. This is actually the second hat. I really DID NOT like how the first one came out so I found another hat pattern and made him another one and my husband gets the reject :) I might actually tear out the first one and make it into something else. One fingerless glove for brother. I had to move on to some other projects so I wouldn't get bored. I will probably do the second glove this weekend. Hat for friend. mmmmm I got some yummy baby alpaca wool from The Yarn Gallery this weekend and put a hat together for my friend. Almost done with a scarf for mom. Then I need to do a scarf for bro's girlfriend and the felted pot holders for my mother-in-law.

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goodkarma said...

Hi, I'm a dork. I read "One Fingerless Glove" to mean "One-Fingered Glove", as in, a glove with only one finger. D'oh! hahaha!

Your holiday gifties sound great. Your family and friends will be so pleased!