Monday, December 12, 2005

Knitty Love

Ok is Christmas here yet?! I want to be done with my Christmas gifts so that I can start on something from the latest knitty issue. I think I am going to make Kate for my cat loving 2 year old daughter. I do have some sock yarn that I have not used and was thinking of making these. I would LOVE to make one of the sweaters for myself but I am plus sized and I have no clue yet how to adjust. I do see however, that Bristow has a XXL sizing. That might actually work. I just have the largest chest in the world but I usually don't wear things closed anyway. HMMMM I should try that one. But I would need 20 50g skeins of something. I don't know what I could buy in my budget that would work. That is what keeps me from making sweaters for myself really. I love Cascade 220 and that might work but it would cost $60 to make the sweater out of that. I just don't have that money all at once. I suppose I could buy half the yarn one month and the other half the next month.

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kim said...

Have you checked out ? Their Wool of the Andes is $1.79 a skein, and I've read some good things about it.