Friday, December 16, 2005

Yay! Work Holiday Party!

This is me today at the work holiday potluck thingie that is going on at 11. Thankfully my friend is picking me up at 12:30 for lunch at a mexican restaurant. I think I will need the margarita after a work party here in the depths of hell. Really I am not that depressed of a person. My humor really lifts me up....seriously :) I made peanut butter rice with applesauce. I know sounds weird but it is pretty good. The evil side of me thought it would be funny to do some sort of dish that requred milk and I could put my own breastmilk in and snicker in the corner of the room as everyone ate my dish but then a friend said "why waste all of those good antibodies on people you don't like" and I was like "YEAH! good point". I wouldn't do it anyway I would probably get sued but it was something to entertain my brain anyway. Now you are all going to thing twice before you eat something at a potluck aren't you?


Christin said...

HA HA...No I probably won't eat your food at a potluck. However, I think my cat may have sat on the plate of cookies I brought in, so I won't judge. ;)

I enjoyed reading your 100 things.

Anonymous said...

He he he he he . . . maybe I have a sick sense of humor, but I think that would be a riot! I would be snickering right along with you.

~ Pam