Sunday, September 11, 2005

Giving up

Ok I am just going to give up looking for the sweater pattern. I just searched for like an hour on the internet using the same freaking keywords that I used in the first place and didn't find it. I did however find a TON of other cute patterns. So I am just going to undo what I did....which was a lot and knit something else. I did buy the ohh-alls pattern from Little Turtle Knits. Maybe I will work on that. WHO KNOWS!

Baby Legs

I have to pass on this web site Baby Legs. This woman was at the picnic I went to today for the midwives that I used. These are the cutest things and perfect! I got a few for Jake and Riley. They fit infants to toddlers.

Target Deals

So I noticed on another blog that Target had some knitting supplies in their $1 deal baskents. I went and checked it out today. The yarn skeins were quite small of course but what knitting lover passes up $1 skeins? Not this one. I figured I could make a few scarves for Christmas gifts at least. Still have not found the pattern for the sweater. It is aggrivating. I know I found it online and why am I not finding the page again when I search google with the same keywords? argh! So meanwhile I am just working on the pants from knitty. I am going to make a few pairs I think for my son.

Friday, September 09, 2005

On to a new project

So I still can't find the pattern to the sweater I was knitting. Note to self "always copy patterns from the internet and save them to word on your computer or bookmark them!" Anyway I am working on these pants now. It is actually my first pair of pants. I am knitting them in the fisherman's wool that is found at Joann's. I need some longies for my son since fall seems to be upon us. Since I have never knit pants I have also never started from the bottom up. Pretty interesting. I also thought it was cool how it turns the work under to get the cuff on the bottom. Pretty cool! I accidentaly knit my cuff double what it calls for. I figured it wouldn't change much so I just left it. So can anyone recommend any good knitting stores in the seattle area? or south of seattle since we are in the burien area.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thank you Mr. Mailman!

The bamboo needles I ordered came in the mail today! I love bamboo needles. I know I know I don't have to order them online but dragging two children under the age of three to the store to get them and maybe they won't even be there is quite painful to a tired worn out mother.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ok so I didn't get time to knit today. I could be knitting right now of course but what am I doing...oh yeah I am on the web. Today was a LONG day. Today was Jake's first day away from me at work :( He actually did ok. Thank God! We tried giving him a bottle over the weekend and he wouldn't take it. He did take one for my friend who was watching him today. I figured if he got hungry enough he would. That boy eats a ton! Much more than Riley ever did. I could tell just by how much I was pumping too. I felt like the milk queen today. Hopefully he does well tomorrow too. And hopefully I get time to knit tomorrow. I am working on this baby sweater and lost the stupid pattern! argh! I am sure some little Riley hands probably walked away with it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ok not so dumb

So I figured out the navigation bar....just switch to a new template :) My links work with this one for some reason. I didn't change anything in the codes go figure. I am about halfway done with the sweater I am knitting for Jake. He probably will be too big for it when I am done with the way he is growing so fast. Oh I have noticed that on some knitting blogs people have projects they are working on and what percentage they are on the project. If anyone reads this can you please let me know how I can do that. Is there a code or I just put it in myself.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is wrong with me?

I am a freaking graphic designer by day and can't figure out what is wrong with my left navigation bar. I know a few of those links are not showing up right and I have been playing with them forever. Must be the lack of sleep. So last night I was all excited that everyone was in bed early so I could sit up and knit. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and happily started knitting. As I am doing this I keep glancing up at my very messy living room. Of course the cleaning bug took over and I spent the next hour cleaning my entire house. So much for knitting!