Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dogs at work...yay!

So we have this new to us. She is about 2 1/2 and we got her on craigslist. We already had a dog at home and wanted another one for a long time. Bella is a black lab mix and has a very big chewing problem when she is left alone too long in the house. So last night I came home to 3 of my things chewed up: a very cool fabric colored asian themed box, my mousepad, and a cloth diaper that I had already sold on ebay. Why were these things on the floor for her to chew you ask? Well they weren't they were actually out of the way where a normal dog would not think to go. So last night I had had enough of her chewing up my stuff. So today I took her to work to see how her temperment was......awesome!!!!!!! I am going to try to take her every day now. The people at my shop don't mind but I know one of the owners does not like dogs at work. Thankfully he isn't here every day :)

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