Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Knitter Down!

My hand is still sore from knitting Miss Dashwood this weekend. What am I going to do!???? I have been taking IB Proferin for the pain and my wonderful friend Karen (who needs to update her blog *caugh* *caugh*) gave me a very relaxing hand massage this weekend. I am now working on the cutest baby blanket for another friend of mine. I am making Wild Stripes. I am only on the third color but it already looks so cute! I can't wait until it is done and see her face when she opens up the gift. In other news. I have nothing to do at work for the moment. My inbox is empty YES! So what am I doing? Blogging and knitting of course! Oh and I brought Bella to work again. She is such a good work dog. She is just laying next to me right now dozing. I brougt Bob to work yesterday because it was his birthday. He is a bad work dog. He was here not even 5 minutes and peed on a box of office supplies...bad dog! LOL Also a co-worker found a softball and Bob got all excited. Good dog at home...bad dog at work :)

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