Sunday, January 08, 2006

Socks are done

And my toddler loves them! Yes! Look at her posing. I finished up the second one last night. I thought about trying to make the stripes match up in the yarn for about ....umm...a second :)

They are for a silly little girl and I think not having the stripes match just adds personality to them.

What does everyone else do when they are using self striping yarn?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm your SP7! Just checking out your blog, getting a feel for what you like... ;-) I'll drop you an email later today to check that the address they've sent me is correct, but in the meantime - cute socks! And cute toddler!

Lisa said...

What a sweetheart. The socks are very cute too! First time to your blog. I click on you from the SP7. Congrats on winning for your button!


Vicki said...

First time to your blog, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those socks. can you share where you got the pattern?