Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What Else Can Go Wrong????????????

So as I am driving home from a nice trip to Village Yarn and Tea on Sunday I am about 2 miles from home and there is all of this smoke (or what looked like smoke to me) coming out of the hood of my car. So going through my head - hmmm drive home and risk it (two children in the backseat) or pull over (no cell phone) I figured our lives were more important than risking driving home so I pulled off of the freeway got out lifted the hood. I guess it was just steam at least that is what my husband told me later. And antifreeze all over the place. So I stand there for a while NO ONE PULLS OVER!!!! What is freaking wrong with people??? I am crying...then I pray...then someone pulls over. Oh did I mention that my husband and I are a one car household and I was driving that one car :) So I call my hubby just to let him know, then my mom (not home) then my MIL (not home). Thankfully these nice people offered us a ride. Riley had to sit on my lap but thankfully we didn't get pulled over. So my DH goes with his dad gets the car brings it home then later he drove it to the mechanics (where my BIL works) and put our key in the drop box with a note.......it gets better! The owner of the shop calls my DH at work the next day to let him know that our car was broken into that night! WTF!!! And of course the shop is not liable for damage because they were not technically in posession of the car yet. URGH!!! And the stupid fuckers that broke into our car didn't even freaking steal anything. Oh and our radiator is out in our car so that will cost $500 and then we have a $500 deductable for our insurance company. The window needs to be fixed and this punk messed up the dash and our radio in the car. And my lovely company decided to pay us yesterday which is a holiday :) It is times like these that I need to remember I do have a lot of things to be thankful for. My children, my health (remember the breast cancer scare from nov) and the fact that I can still nurse my son after a lumpectomy, and KNITTING!....oh and my wonderful DH :) (sorry honey)

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