Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Home with sickie

One part of being a parent is that when your child is sick life as you know it stops. Riley is sick : ( I had a job interview today : ( I actually contemplated sending her to daycare and picking her up after my interview but you know what my child is just much more important than a potential new job. I hope they guy I was scheduled to meet with today understands and will reschedule. Plus Riley isn't just sick she has a temp, a horrible cough, and there is a boy at her daycare that has asthma and I really don't want him to get sick as well because when he is sick it is bad. Ok she just threw up poor thing! I have to say I am looking forward to a full day alone with my Riley. Paul took Jake to daycare because he isn't sick. I haven't been able to spend a full day alone with Riley in God knows how long and I miss her! Hopefully while she is resting I can get the house clean and maybe do some sewing. Otherwise oh well I will just cuddle with my sweet baby all day.

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