Monday, February 13, 2006 more time I swear

So I ripped out Shadir again! I just DID NOT like the way it looked in the larger guage....can we say ....crap...hmmm I guess whoever made the pattern knew what they were doing ; ) Good news though I did get past where I kept screwing up so I am confident now that at the smaller guage I CAN DO THIS! In other good news a few friends and I are going to get out of the house sans kids and hit a yarn shop and do coffee afterward and sit and knit in the coffee shop. We are headed to the Yarn Gallery in West Seattle. Great shop. PACKED....PACKED! The best part is I get paid on Wednesday...YES! I am going to pick up #1 addi turbos for magic loop and some stitch markers.....maybe some sock yarn. I have been addicted to sock yarn. I got my first elann order the other day. Sock yarn...yay!

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