Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shallow People Bug Me

So there is a gal at my work that I like to call "The Russian Ice Princess". If you met her you would get it. Well today she was going off about how she was embarrassed that she didn't wear make-up today ( I rarely wear makeup) Then she was telling the office how in order to be a successful person you needed to wear nice things every day and look "good". Then she went on to say she had a heavy friend (I am overweight) who despite her "deformity" still dressed nice daily and was very successful. Yes I know I shouldn't let shallow people like her get to me but what a fucking bitch. I just feel that if there is a fat ass in the room don't talk badly about fat people you know? If you work with someone who wears jeans and t-shirts on a daily basis don't talk shit about people like that just have some tact. Right?

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kim said...

Hey...I went to University with a girl like that. This girl would dress up for finals. I mean I am, I haven't slept (or showered, or changed clothes) in three days because I was too busy cramming , eating Froot Loops with Diet Coke for breakfast, and she's sitting at the same cafeteria table in her pleated skirt and matching sweater explaining that 'she doesn't feel good about herself if she isn't properly dressed at all times'.

Oh please. Spare me.