Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sorry Blog World

I have been so incredibly busy I haven't had a chance to update my blog this week. They moved me back to HQ at my work. Ho hum! No more working in beautiful downtown seattle. There isn't even a freaking window in my office. What the hell is up with that?! Oh wait there is a skylight that we can open...nice! Oh not to mention the laid off one of the guys in our area who never did his work so it is my job to get caught up with all of his crap in addition to my own job. LOTS O FREAKING WORK! This company is going through major changes and I don't think I want to stick it out through them but I am so busy because this place is so short staffed that I don't have time to look for a new job. I know I know it is bad to look for a job while you are at work but come on! Like I have time to do it at home with two children under the age of 3. Hey so if anyone knows of a company or a person who needs a graphic designer I am their woman!

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