Monday, March 06, 2006

Celebrity Sightings.

First we saw Jay Buhner while we were out with friends on Saturday night at Coho in Issaquah....pretty cool.

Then on Sunday while out in U Village with Karen to sit and knit we saw Jessica of Rose-Kim Knits. I thought it would be nice on our way out if she was still where we were at to just say hello and that I read her blog. Well according to Steph that can be a tad creepy.

Ok first a disclaimer I have been having mood problems lately so this is going to sound very bitchy and maybe the normal Sarah wouldn't be bothered by that comment

Personally I think it is the neatest thing to meet blogging knitters in person (that was not the first time). I think in this crazy busy world that we live in it is nice to connect with a stranger for just a short moment in time. One thing that bothers me is when you are out in public no one wants to make eye contact, no one smiles at strangers anymore.

When you put a blog out there on the internet and put your picture on it (not going off on Jessica she was very nice) you have to think that people are going to read it and maybe sometime someone is going to recognize you and maybe say hello. If I am creepy for just wanting to say hi to someone whose blog I enjoy reading so be it then.


kim said...

That's not creepy at all...if you have a blog, you'd feel like a celebrity (I think, but that's just me) if someone said 'Hi, I read your blog'.

Ok....I know the name Jay Buhner, but my DayQuil-addled brain is not making any big connections at this moment.

Jessica said...

It wasn't creepy at all. It happens to me a lot since many of my customers read my blog. So they kind of "know" me even if I don't know them.