Friday, March 17, 2006

Lucky Day!

5 years ago today I met my husband....gaaaaaaa! : ) Also a friend had a baby today...yay!!!! Gosh I have been such a bad poster lately. I am working on so many projects, not updating my blog, working OT at work (ugh!), having interviews for new jobs. BUSY!!!!!!! I am really trying to finish my Rowan purse this weekend and I am knitting a somewhat slightly modified version of Odessa for my mom. My mom leaves for Memphis for a month for work this weekend. I will miss her!

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Aileen said...

Well my blog's gone belly up at the moment so I can't make a post about your fab box that came in the post yesterday! Thank you so much. The mohair is fab! I'm in a bit of a rush atm I have to get in for a performance class for 11 and i still have to find my shoes. Hopefully I'll get that post up tonight :D