Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Marathon Knitting

Ok I need to knit up a few easter gifts for my kiddos fast! I conveniently get paid the day after easter....nice! But hey they are little they will love little plush hand knit gifts like....

I think Jake would like a few more rattles. Karen lovingly made him a few a while back I could add to his collection.

And for Riley I am going to make her a few sea creatures and a few dinos.

So yet again the Wild Stripes baby blanket will be put on hold. :) But..... during lunch today I sewed up the sides of my Rowan purse that I started back in October. I blocked it last night and it was dry when I went home for lunch. So maybe this weekend I will sew in the lining if I am really good about getting projects done.

Ok I guess I will get back to work then when I go home bury myself in yarn.

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