Friday, April 21, 2006

Who's Bright Idea Was This?

So two weeks ago the managing entities at my work decided that my co-worker was not working fast enough and gave me a VERY large chunk of her work load (she is supposed to be my supervisor). I am working my large tooshie off. Putting in just a bit of OT and I am very tired.

I guess our department is still not working "efficiently". I have no clue how I get my work in and out of my desk within the same day most of the time it within hours of getting the work (I do pre-press for a printing company). So our oh so smart production manager downstairs thinks that it is a good idea for him to sit with us on monday and tuesday and just "observe" what we do.

He said he is going to have us talk him through every thing we are doing. Fine. Whatever. I can do that. Of course there is a problem though.......this guy NEVER shuts up! He will explain one little thing 500 ways to Sunday. And he spits when he talks AND he moves his arms all the time. The running joke is that if he was drowning all he would have to do is talk to stay afloat.

I have decided now that I am upping my dose of Zoloft next week.

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