Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not Happy

Do you see that sock? I am soooooo not happy with it. It freaking sucks. First I did the pattern totally wrong. For some reason my brain thought it would be logical to start the rounds at the center stitch instead of following the chart like every other knitting chart in the known world (from right to left). What chart starts in the center? Well not this one! Do you see the blatant jogging! Now I get why the back looks like it does! Then there are the colors. I was happy until I got to the black. Then I thought. Well it might get better. Note to self. Whenever that sentance goes through your brain.....stop now! Ok I have thought that the back of the sock can now be the front but then there is still the color issue. I could give them as gifts but then I still have to trudge through colors I don't like and these were supposed to be for me! for once! Ok off to start over.....again.

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