Saturday, May 13, 2006

When a drug dealer lives next door

You basically can't do jack shit about it! We have (told to us by a police officer) that we have a known heroin addict and dealer and burgler (all one person) living next door to us. Short story 80 year old grandma owns the house her daughter lives with her and her grandson (the daughter's son who is in his 30's) lives in the above garage apartment.

About a month ago his girlfriend came over saying he beat her up and wanted to use the phone. Didn't call the cops. I did when she left. Cops come. She is up there with him they don't come down. Cops kick in the door. Come to find out the GF has a restraining order against him. She retracts that he beat her up and said she caught him with another girl and was mad. NO ONE GOES TO FUCKING JAIL!!!!!!!!! Why????????? (that is the day the officer told us about his activity and to keep a log)

So he has been laying low but there has been some activity. The GF leaves in his van. I log it and she comes back a few minutes later. I go outside and she is on her hands and knees getting something from under the van. Ok seriously how many of you grab random things from under your vehicles when you get out of them?

So I am telling my husband what I see and writing it down and this fuck face comes out and is like "what! What do you want" so I go outside and tell him what I am doing. Then I am a "fat fuck" nice! I know I am fat just point it out you crack head. Then my husband comes out of course. Good OLE big verbal straight from the show cops fight.

Then this is the best part. Old granny 80 nice southern gal the major enabler tells us that she is trying to work with him and that we need to mind our own business. What the fuck lady! I have two kids. I LIVE IN THIS FUCKING HOUSE! And he was like "I was here first" ok are you 5? I pay a mortgage what do you do? So then he "threatens" us and I called the cops I was done.

What does that do? Oh nothing. They tell me next time to just nod when he does stuff like that. I HAVE EVERY FUCKING RIGHT TO LOOK OUT MY WINDOW! I have every right to be a nosy neighbor.

So when you have a drug dealer living next door you can't do shit. Oh wait they did tell us to still document EVERYTHING and bring it to the precinct and give it to a drug detective and maybe just maybe they will set up a sting......maybe. Or what you can do is look for other violations like lots of cars in the yard or something stupid like that.

Man I want to get this guy!


kim said...

That is totally insane! Especially when the police kick in the door, the girlfriend says he beat her up, and the guy doesn't get any time in jail?

ARRRGGHHH....that would be so frustrating.

lynnm said...

I live in Des Moines and had a similar problem. The house in front of us was rent by what we suspected were drug dealers. Cars down our street all night. People running in an out of the house. We documented and went to the polics but nothing. It was the complaints to the home owners by 5 different families that finally got them kicked out. Good luck with all of this. I understand.

OT- Have you been to The Yarn Stash? how is it?