Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am not normally a washer

I don't usually wash the knit gifts that I make before I give them away. I like the newness of the yarn and I think that washing takes just a bit of that away.....well today I have no choice.

I had my secret suprise baby gift for my wonderful friend who is pregnant blocking behind my husbands recliner as this seemed to be the only secure place in the house. Was I wrong about that. I thought I had strategically placed full laundry baskets around the access ways for little people to stay out of the area but I forgot about the agile ways of babies.

Jake got back there somehow with banana in hand and mucked up some of the pieces. Dang it all! It was ready to finish up today too. So now I will be washing my first gift and blocking again and keeping a stricter eye on my children. Below is a picture of the gift from yesterday. Yes a cute baby sweater! Hopefully the sex will be found out tomorrow and if it is a girl I plan on knitting up a flower to place on the lower front corner.


Karen said...

At least mashed banana comes out easier than permanent marker or kool-aid.

"What am I knitting?" is not a sea urchin, although it does belong in the sea. :)

Secret Pal said...

Looks good...looking forward to seeing it when it's done.

Kids really are little gymnasts and can get into anything. Banana cleans up pretty easily though. Good luck the second time around!