Monday, June 26, 2006

Look Ma! No Pattern!

I just made my first ever sock without referring to a pattern. I am so proud of myself!

In other news can we say HOT! The weather here is scorching! It actually might not rain on my birthday this year!

Had a great weekend. Riley spent the weekend with my parents. Saturday Paul went to work so it was just me and Jake for most of the day. We walked down to the thrift store and I bought some clothes that fit me (loosing weight and throwing away the fat pants). Well we locked ourselves out of the house. Thankfully it was nice out so we hung out in the front yard until Paul got home.

Then we watched Syriana......sucked! I did not like it at all. It could have been so much better but it was just too slow and confusing for me.

Then took the dogs to the local off leash park. That was fun. Then dinner and home to our hot house.

Sunday I had the best day with my good friend Corey. Our husbands went hiking in eastern Washington and we shopped! Yes! We went to the U Village sidewalk sale and had lunch at yummy Zao then we went up to Acorn Street to pick out yarn for a baby sweater. She bought and I will knit. I picked up some cotton fingering weight yarn in a cucumbery color and some size 0 dpns for socks and some DK weight yarn to edge Ried in. Then the girls and Jake went back to her place and sat and knit and visited and waited for our tired boys to come home. It was a good day :)

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Anonymous said...

horray for throwing away fat pants! it's such a great feeling! and kudos on knitting without a pattern... i haven't gotten to that stage yet :}


ps did that last package ever show up? i bet it's still sitting in that bloody sorting office >:(