Monday, July 31, 2006

50 dollars

Ok so we are pinching pennies again. Next summer is our 5 year anniversary and we want to take a cool trip so we are starting to save now. sooooooooo

I get $50 to spend on yarn until November 1st.

It doesn't sound like a lot of money sure but I organized my stash this weekend and I actually have a lot of yarn. It is a bit embarrasing. I am sure people have much much much more yarn than I do of course. However, as I was going through my yarn I remembered all the projects that I just HAD to have yarn for and never started knitting.

Oh! And a friend is moving soon and she is thinning out her stash and she brought by two big bags full of wool yarn. Enough to make two very nice sweaters......mariah here I come!

So anyway now I am trying to figure out what to buy. I told my husband I might spend one month of the three trying to figure it out.

I am actually thinking of using some to get some dishcloth stuff. I saw a cute pattern at the Acorn Street booth at Stitch and PItch and the stork cotton isn't expensive at all. I also want to get one of those knitting circular thingies for baby hats.

So that is the dilio.......any suggestions.

edited to add...... So Paul said that he looked at the finances and for our debt diet and we are getting $40 each a month. Woo Hoo!


Secret Pal said...

A yarn diet...what to do. I think dishcloth cotton is a great idea. It's inexpensive yarn and there are tons of different patterns. Plus it's a practical project. I would probably get some sock yarn too because it's another practical project. Since we're on the subject of dishclothes, what colors are in your kitchen?

Sarah said...

oh my kitchen is yellow! YUCK! We have been meaning to repaint for a year. When we do repaint I am going to do whitewashed cabinets and I really really really like light aphid green colors and light browns and oranges.