Monday, July 24, 2006


So I am doing my first MAJOR pattern rearrange. ACK! But I know I can do it. Ok here is what happened. So my dear friend who is having little baby trout in November wanted me to knit a sweater. We had a great time picking out yarn and wanted to knit something from Natural Knits. I said "Oh don't worry we won't buy the book the library will have it." And of course because it is a new book they don't have it.

So this weekend we looked through some knitting books at the library and my friend found a very cute pattern that she liked. It was a denim coat dress from Little Badger Knits (the one on the cover). Well of course a little boy does not need a coat dress. I said no problem I could just shorten it. Well then of course as I started knitting I was in a much higher guage so I think I figured out how to do it. Right now I am basically using the pattern as a design guide and not really following it stitch for stitch.

Below is a picture of part of the back I have knit up. Of course my camera or the operator were being wonky. The yarn is VERY nice and I really like knitting with it. It is much more of a mossy sagey green than is shown.

In other news I am going to the Seattle Mariner's Stitch and Pitch tomorrow! YAY! My husband is tagging along too. I will take pictures.

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