Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yes I do knit

I have had the craziest busy week. Work has been crazy. Twice this week I went in early with both of my children for a few hours. Then trekked home in time for the sitter then went back to work. Today was the first day all week I didn't work over 9 hours.

I am looking very forward to this weekend. Saturday we are going to eastern Washington so I will have a long truck ride devoted to knitting!

What will I bring you ask?....oh let me tell you!

Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks (I have yet to post my rave about this book but I JUST LOVE IT!)

Ried - I just frogged the right front side. I have the back and the left front finished.

and because I always overpack I was thinking of bringing something else as well. A co-worker has been randomly giving me yarn that she finds in her house because she will never get to it and she isn't a knitter so i was thinking of knitting her a scarf from some nice stuff she brought in.

That's about it! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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