Tuesday, August 15, 2006

DPNs vs. Magic Loop

Ok so the great debate with socks. DPN or Magic loop?

My very very first attempt at socks were with DPN. I didn't like it or hate it. I was a fairly new knitter so I was a bit clumsy with the DPNs. Then I heard about Magic Loop and how wonderful it was so I thought "hey why not try it right?". So I bought the expensive needles and the book and sat down and figured it out and LOVED IT!

I then proceeded to tell every knitter I knew about Magic Loop and the wonders of this technique and how quickly socks knit up and how much fun it was!

I was wandering happily along on my magic loop journey when I was reading Yarn Harlot's book. She made me think "maybe I am missing out on something. I mean she searched and searched in her car for the blue needle. There must be something cool about DPNs. Why don't I give it another shot?"

So I went to my LYS and of course the DPNs are cheap and I thought "well if I don't like them there wasn't that much of and expense put in I can just give them away to another knitter". I made sure I would have enough to really do a good test and try different guages 0, 1, 2 and 3.

I started with the 0.........oh my! I was missing something. How fast a knitter I have become. Transitioning needles. Who needs magic loop! I knit up some baby socks faster than I ever had before. Is it the novelty of the small needles? I thought. So I tried some other socks on a larger guage (1).....still loving it! Look how nicely they fit into my purse. No cords going all over the place. How nice!

Well my magic loop needles started to get a little lonely. I could feel them looking at me in the basket every time I pulled out my DPNs to make socks. I think I even saw one cry. Maybe it was moisture from a nearby water bottle but I swear it was a little needle tear.

So last night I cast on in Magic Loop for some DK weight socks (thank you again pal for the lovely lovely yarn). Now I feel like I am missing Magic loop. I liked how I could speed along. I like how I can try on my sock and not worry about stitches falling off the ends of the needles when I slip the sock over my heel. I can check the sizing progress as I go much more efficently in my opinion. Can a sock knitter do both? Is it in the big book of knitting rules? Can I be in both clubs? Am I cheating on my needles? Really a knitter needs to know!

And of course cute pictures!


Secret Pal said...

Hmmm...are you breaking a serious knitting rule? Nah, it's probably better to know both techniques. Makes you a serious student of the craft or some such nonsense. I've actually never tried the magic loop because I love the DPNs, but I've thought about it many times. Perhaps I should give in...

Karen said...

Oh, for shame, you hussy! ;) I'll try anything once, and hey, it's as the mood hits you. I figure it's the same with what materials your needles are made of. Some days are bamboo, others are metal.