Saturday, August 26, 2006

Getting Squished for Yarn!

Village Yarn and Tea hosted the Swedish Mammogram bus today. If you signed up you got a nice grab bag of goodies! Shown here. I signed up but I actually did not get a mammorgram. Since I came knowing I have lumps they are sending me to the center for a diagnostic test. GREAT! For those of you that don't know I had a lumpectomy in Nov. 2005. I had two golf ball sized lactating adinomas. Thankfully they were benign. I have been breastfeeding this whole time so I don't know if the lumps are just ducts that got blocked during the surgery or what. Hopefully everything turns up ok. I have my diagnostic appt on Thursday.

My mom's birthday is in September. The big 52. I can't believe it. She is so young at heart and doesn't look nearly in her 50s more like early 40s. I took Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road to her and told her to pick out a pair of socks. She chose the New England Socks. So I decided to do them in cotton for her. I love stork. I know it works for warshrags I just hope it also works for her socks.

Tomorrow I am having friends over. We are knitting hats for babies born in the local naval hospital. It will be nice to sit and chat and knit for a good cause. The only bad part about it is trying to clean the house today in this beautiful weather!

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