Friday, August 18, 2006

A much needed rest!

We are off to the lake this weekend THANK GOD!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I need this break! Today has been a hectic day at work too.....hectic week actually. 1. Our plate maker was down for two days not good in a printing company and why do we only have one of these things? 2. Had to write a serious letter to my bosses boss. Had a meeting everything went well work is better 3. Plate maker isn't working right. Guy can't come in to fix until monday. My co-worker left early today knowing I wanted to. He was already gone when I got here! DICK! 4. I am slammed at work! 5. The owner told me to find a new hire by monday. WHAT? monday? really? and you are telling me at noon on a friday? hey way to prepare buddy! Since I gave you my friends resume 3 freaking weeks ago and of course she already has another job now! Craigslist please do your thing for me now! So needless to say I am looking very forward to swimming, sitting, and knitting. I am also bringing my mac to do freelance web work. See everyone monday! Oh and I still want my previous question answered if anyone out there reads this thing!


pseudobunny said...

now, off to make a dinner so i can spend all night stalking you back!!!!!

Secret Pal said...

Lucky you! Have a great weekend.