Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Nature of Humans

So Paul and I went to this. It sounded pretty cool. Let me tell you.....mayhem....pure mayhem! People are crazy creatures. The place was a pit because people were just tearing through boxes and throwing stuff on the ground glass was broken you name it. People were pushing and grabbing. What makes people do this sort of thing? Really if anyone has studied this I am very interested. I had no urge to go tearing through there. Is it because I have more than other people? Is it because I didn't get there in the mad rush but afterward? If I would have been there through the mad rush would I have been as crazy as everyone else? And the funny thing was is that there was more than enough free stuff for everyone....AND the crap people were crazy over was just that ....crap. Why be pushy over a 10 year old stero that is missing an antenna? Or the VHS tapes that are going to be obsolete soon and who knows how they play. I mean really there was barely room to walk around because everyone was crazy tearing through stuff. Things were getting broken. I feel very very sorry for the people that own the place and have to clean up after those animals. When Riley and I were picking through books we were actually picking them up off the floor and putting them back onto the shelves. There was a box that was torn down the side from people tearing through the books! I did get a few cool things for free. A box of books (cookbooks for my collection, handyman books for paul, poker books for paul, and a few books to read). I also picked up some big metal cooking pots for dying yarn and roving and some pots for our camper. Well off to clean. I am still in my organizing kick. I am going to pick through our bedroom again. Go through my fabric I will never get to because of my yarn addiction. Oh yes. We had dinner at Hooters last night. YUM! I love their food and let me tell you that if you bring two cute children there you get great service! Actually we always get great service there. I really could care less about what the girls wear. They are all super nice and making a living and let me tell you that you see worse on the beach in the summer. And honestly if I looked as great as those girls look I would work there too!

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