Friday, August 11, 2006

October 7th

October 7th is my cut off day for the best baby gift ever. That is when my friend will be having her baby shower. Ok I can do this I know I can. I am actually plugging along faster than I thought but still that is pressure. I listened to my first knitting podcasts today. Pretty interesting. I wish I would have thought of it sooner. It is nice background for work.....although makes me want to knit. We were going to go to the lake this weekend but we are opting now to stay at home and get things done around the house. I am in the midst of a major reorganization of our home. I have been going room to room. It is very should I put it....almost spiritual :) Getting rid of clutter really is very freeing. I feel better about myself and my home when I declutter. I feel like less of a slob and someone who needs to hold on to material things. Of course after the breast cancer scare last year a lot of little things seem less important now. I have a MAJOR work post but I am trying to decipher how to word it. I am having serious problems with my boss and I know if he worked anywhere else where there was an HR department he would be fired.

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