Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend at the Lake

We had a nice weekend at the lake. Here is Riley and I on our boat tour. My mom likes to take people around the lake and tell them who lives where and what they do and how much they bought and sold for etc. How she knows all of this I have no clue.

Yes he actually fell asleep while playing in the lake. We were pushing him back and forth and then I noticed that he was asleep. Too precious!

Jake really likes chillin in the old camp chair.

And the best pictures. As you can see we travel in style.

Notice that one side of the truck is a different color than the other.

In knitting news......
I brough Ried to finish. Thought I really would but I only got about 80% of a sleeve done. Now I need to finish the sleeve and do the right front and the other sleeve, construct and edge it.

I also brough the secret project and another baby sweater I am working on but didn't get to those. However, I did get some freelance work done. We brought my iMac. Which is nice but let me tell you a lap top would be much more helpful. I have a few freelance projects coming my way and I am tempted to pool all the money together and get a nice laptop for myself.

well off to clean!.....and knit!

1 comment:

pseudobunny said...

The truck and the camper shell are AWESOME!!!
And the sleeping bebe in the tube is too funny!