Saturday, September 09, 2006

Be a tourist in your city

It has been a while since I did something touristy in my city. I live in a great area for that crap too! So Paul picks me up from work on Friday and informs me that we are going to see the fishies. Cool it has been a while since I have been there. First we had to get a burger from the best burger place in town.

The locks were great. It is in a beautiful park. The flowers smelled so great. And the fish! oh my gosh! Paul said the water was "boiling" fishing term I guess. The salmon were jumping around like crazy in the water. Riley had a blast! We went down to the fish ladder and there were seriouly no shitting salmon as big as my 3 year old. I am not kidding at all! Crazy! The life of a salmon is just an amazing thing.

After a stroller race back to the car (Jake and I won) we headed home. Saw the sights of Ballard on the way home. Ballard is cute but way too busy for me. It just seems WAY more crowded than it used to. Maybe because we were there on a friday night? Who knows. Of course I didn't bring the camera either. I think we are headed back there next weekend though during the day. Pictures then!

Today was cleaning day for me. I had such high asperations of cleaning the whole house in depth. What a silly girl I am! I got the back of the house (laundry room and kitchen). However, I was not just "cleaning" this was going through every corner theraputic style cleaning. It felt so good to get everything nice and tidy and organized and clean. I even took everything out of the tupperware drawer (thankfully I did there was a spider living in the back and something sticky had gotten in there) so everything got washed and in doing this I matched up lids and tops and lo and behold we had a lot of orphans so out they went. Now I can close the drawer!

Wow is this boring or what? Who cares about this shit right? Ha! Ok knitting news. I got the latest knit picks catalog. I am going to make the Telemark Ski Sweater. Oh my I have fallen in love with this pattern. I figured it would cost about $50 to make this for myself which is a deal! After asking Paul if it was in the budget he reminded me that I needed to finish a little item for a pea in a pod and some socks for mom and then ask after that. Good point! I really want this for myself by xmas. However, if I knit this for myself I probably won't get any other xmas gift knitting done. One thing I am worried about with this one is that I think I will need to make the bust larger than the largest size to fit me. My first thought was short row shaping but can you do that with this pattern? Should I even bother or just add on to the cast on in the beginning?

Anywhoo enough rambling from me.

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