Friday, September 29, 2006

I was a snotty knitter

A few weeks ago I hosted a yard sale with my brother's girlfriend. I forgot about the annoying people that you meet while hosting a yard sale.

While sitting in my front yard all day visiting with Julie I was working on a knitting project. One woman notices and says "Oh what are you croceting?" I say "Actually I am knitting some fingerless mittens." To my suprise she replies. "Are you sure that isn't crochet?" and in the snottiest voice I think I have ever spoken I said "Yeah I am pretty sure this is NOT crocet. I don't even really know how to crocet."


The freaking lady had to come inspect to make sure I was not croceting!

Note to self: At the next yard sale put up a sign that reads "No Annoying People Allowed"


pseudobunny said...

Are you sure it wasn't crochet? I think it was and you are lying to yourself.
Jeez ! And to think you have children you are passing this on to....

Hee hee hee
thats okay, our upstairs neighbors (who just moved in) told me and clinton we are SCARY.
and take that with a wiffle ball bat....

hee hee

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! I don't do garage sales anymore because of the crazy people. Although i am tempted to use your sign idea and see what sort of results i get.

Have fun!