Saturday, September 23, 2006


I am sure if you watch the news you have seen this. This boy went to the Highschool that I attended and graduated from 10 years ago. This fall my football loving husband and I have decided to attend as many Evergreen High School football games as we can. This evening was an emotional one.

First it was so amazing to see so many people from the community showing up to support a high school football team from a lower income area. When I went to Evergreen the football team sucked and no one cared. I went to the games but not many people did. Now these kids are great and I think a big part of it is the community support. There is a large Samoan/Pacific Islander community at the school now. I love it! There is so much family love in the culture. After the game the boys on the team striped down to their bare chests and pants and did a warrior chant. It was so awesome. I got goosebumps. I can't wait for the next game (which excites my husband).

I think a big part of the community involvement has to do with Jack Thompson. An evergreen grad who had a decorated football career with WSU. He is very active in the White Center community supporting football and voicing how important education is.

There was also an emotional memorial at halftime for Mike Miller. Amazing grace was sung. I really feel for his family. His brother Tim had an AMAZING game wearing his brother's jersey. Please pray for this family.

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