Monday, October 30, 2006

FO, Swap, and spooky!

I finished something this weekend. Grumperina's Black Sea hat. I think this will go to a friend's daughter.

My Hot Socks pal got her package.

And we cut the pumpkin!

I am knitting all the time. Trying to finish a baby sweater for Chase who was born a week ago today.

I have officially finished two christmas presents now. The aforementioned hat and a fisherman style hat for my brother. I still have

MOM - Tea towels from Mason Dixon knitting and a winter hat with a big foldover brim
DAD - Beer coozies
HUBBY - Cigar gloves
BROTHERS GIRL - Warshrags and hotpads
GODSON - Baby Sweater
MIL - purple heart doilys
SIL - scarf
NEICE - Frilly pink scarf
NEPHEW - I am thinking Hello Yarns skull cap
BIL - hat

I know I have more to do but I can't think of what it is now.

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