Monday, October 02, 2006

I knit....I cut....I steeked

This is the super secret project I have been working on and not blogging about. So instead of getting progress pictures you get the end all at once
I made this Baby Norgi for a dear friend of 10 years who is expecting her first early next month.

Here are the sweater parts

Sew the steek guides. I did a crappy job.

I read that with acrylic yarn extra reinforcemnt is necessary so here I whip stitched every stitch.

Ack! Cut! No turning back now.

Now we can breathe sleve set in.


Now I am going to try to knit up a matching hat with ear flaps by this weekend. I also have some chocolate brown fleece for matching pants and I picked up the cutest brown shoes at target this weekend. Do you think I could attempt mitts too????


kim said...

That is the cutest sweater...and your idea for the whole ensemble sounds so cool. Very Eddie Bauer-ish :D (but not at the totally insane Eddie Bauer prices).

Very lucky baby!

pseudobunny said...

holleee crap.
there is some mad love knit into those stitches!
hey, i erased all my emails and i cant find your address...can you email me a email so i can have it again?
and yes, how DO you do it with 2 babies! ack!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really great. Your friend is some lucky!