Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Leche y el hacer punto, una qué combinación

FIRST! Don't forget about the contest! See below! Only two entrants so far so they have good odds!

This weekend I spent my time at the La Leche League Washington area conference. I had an exhaustingly wonderful time. This time around I didn't get a ton of new information but it is always nice to be around so many women nursing their children of all ages. It is very heartwarming.

I met the WONDERFUL Dr. Jack Newman. I have heard people rave about this man but I have never read any of his books and after hearing the man speak I would definitely recommend anything that he has read. I wish more men in the medical field were as supportive and knowledgeable about breastfeeding as this man is.

And yes there was A LOT of knitting. All around me. I loved it. I fel in love with a yarn I have not seen. There was a woman knitting a sock with Regia Bamboo. It was the most beautiful colorway I have seen! and so soft!

Jake had a good time. Riley wanted to come but I think I can only tackle one kid at a time at these things.

In knitting news I am on a mad dash to get my christmas knitting finished. I finished a ribbed hat for my brother and two washrags for his girlfriend. I am thinking of doing hotpads for her as well. I am now working on my first doily for my MIL. I have never knit in this small of a guage it is hard to get used to. I am also trying to finish a last minute sweater for a friend who is due soon. That is about it. No progress photos. My house is a mess......must clean!


Karen said...

Acorn Street has the Regia bamboo and the Regia silk. I was just there the other day.

pseudobunny said...

those photos are too cute!
man, a huge la leche fest huh?
whooooeeee....can you imagine the smells all the kids are taking in? ha! it would be like if we walked into a chocolate shop! haahahhaha
thank you for all the nice words and thoughts...
finally feeling crafty again...
and a little better about my dadski...