Friday, November 03, 2006

Off for the weekend!

First Announcing the winners of my blogiversary contest Lynn and Kim the only two who entered ;)

I am headed to Portland, OR this weekend. My husband has graciously agreed to let me visit two yarn shops while I am there. I have chosen Lint and Knit Purl.

Other than my two chosen destinations my husband has no clue what he wants to do on Saturday. We will only have one child with us so shopping will be MUCH easier.

Hopefully I will come back with a few FOs from the car ride. I cast on for an Irish Hiking Scarf yesterday. I have a friend heading to London for 10 weeks in January. I am also hoping to finish the Knitting on the baby sweater I am working on for baby trout and I should start the hand towels for my mother. Well have a nice weekend everyone! I need to pack.

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