Monday, November 20, 2006

The Updade....drumroll please

Yes I have been a very very very busy knitter. I have a few finished projects to note.

My first ever doily for my mother-in-law. Made from size 3 crochet cotton. I was working in 30 and it was just way way way too small. For this one I started out with size 0 needles then switched to 1 then when I got to the heart pattern switched to 3. I think I am going to attempt it again with this cotton and use a size 5 throughout and see what happens.

The skull hat. Made in cascade 220 (grey) and some white wool I found in the stash. I liked this pattern. I am now very very very addicted to fair isle knitting.

Speaking of fair isle. Here is an almost finished hat for my grandmother. Made from the reddest Cascade 220 that I had in the stash along with what I think was fisherman's wool from the stash. I just need to line it now. This one is for my grandmother for christmas. She said she loves red and after making this hat so do I! I bought some Lion Wool while at freddy's the other day. I am going to make one of these for myself.

An Irish Hiking Scarf for my daughter's old sitter. We are very close with her and she is a special friend. She will be traveling to London this winter so I think this will keep her warm and toasty. It is made from some orangey, tweedy shetland that I had in my stash that was gifted to me. I think after a good wash with some lanolin it will be softer.....hoping anyway.

And some mittens for my grandfather for xmas. I started by using EZs pattern from the knitters almanac then switched to Hello Yarn's pattern finding it easier to follow. I used her chart and sketched out a pattern using EZ's star as a focus.

That is about it for the picture update. Work is still crazy hectic. I am looking VERY forward to my looooonnnnggggg weekend. Although I will probably need to go in on Sunday...or Saturday...I think Sunday will be better.

Paul and I are going to brave the roads and do some midnight shopping thanksgiving night at the Seattle outlet mall. OH MY GOSH! Yes we are crazy. But we are shopping this christmas. This is the first christmas in about 3 years that we have had money for presents....I am excited!


GamecockDoc said...

Wow, you've been busy. Love the hats. Fair isle just seems too complicated for me and I've never tried it, but it looks awesome.

Have a great weekend.

lynnm said...

Love the hats! I am going to learn fair isle soon and can hardly wait, esp. after seeing yours.