Friday, December 08, 2006

My Winter Knitty List

The Winter Knitty is up. Here is what I want to make.

WARNING: There are a lot of patterns I want to do. Lengthy post ahead. I am actually suprised at 1) how large the issue is and 2) that there really are so many I want to make. Usually only a few patterns catch my eye.

Center Square Riley is getting one of these FO SHO! I am thinking a friends daughter will get one for xmas too.

Argosy Oh I HAVE to make this for myself. 2007 is going to be my selfish knitting year. I am sure i have some stash yarn for this one too.

Calorimetry This is just too cute! I was just thinking I needed one of these too as my Notre Dame one is getting stretched out. And I just love the botton! So feminine.

Tiffany I just LOVE the picot edge on these.

Rolling Thunder These will definitely be on my 2007 year of socks list.

Monkey I just love any sock pattern that Cookie does and I think my Kogiu that i have in my stash would look great as these.

Emerald I have some yarn I have been wanting to make a cardigan style sweater with and I think this is the winner.

Twinkletoes I am thinking that Riley would LOVE a pair of these gals. Again I am sure I have stash yarn for these

Venezia I have been wanting to experiment with wire for some time and recently I have collected a stash of beads for making stitch markers. I think that my mom would love these.

Starsky Jr. Yet again another Riley knit.

Norberta Of course Jake needs a knit too!

Sheldon Riley gets all the clothes Jake gets the animals.


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