Thursday, December 07, 2006

WIP pile!

Thanks to Carolyn for this idea. Here is mine.

What you see here is a mitten for grandpa (my second attempt), Irish Hiking Scarf for a friend, hat for mom and a newly cast on sweater for my Godson.

You may think this doesn't seem like a big list of Christmas projects but I keep adding to it like a madwoman. What I have not cast on for are some potholders for my neighbor/sitter, I am working on a secret project for a friend which I absolutely cannot post here, I thought it would be nice to make my mom a scarf to match the hat I am making for her, and I want to finish the other sweater pattern that I bought yesterday as well. Can it be done? Will I go crazy trying?

I couldn't resist casting on for this sweater last night after getting the pattern and the yarn. I just Looooove Debbie Bliss yarns! This Merino DK is perfect. I need to remember to pick up more for socks!

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