Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thanks Pal!

I can't belive I can't find the card reader to my camera!!!!! I got a nice package from my SP yesterday it is the most beautiful orange color. It is Lion Brand Micro Spun. And I can't even believe that it is 100% acrylic!!!!! It is soooooo soft! It feels like luxury cotton. And I am having the worst week so it had wonderful timing! Thanks Pal!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sorry Blog World

I have been so incredibly busy I haven't had a chance to update my blog this week. They moved me back to HQ at my work. Ho hum! No more working in beautiful downtown seattle. There isn't even a freaking window in my office. What the hell is up with that?! Oh wait there is a skylight that we can open...nice! Oh not to mention the laid off one of the guys in our area who never did his work so it is my job to get caught up with all of his crap in addition to my own job. LOTS O FREAKING WORK! This company is going through major changes and I don't think I want to stick it out through them but I am so busy because this place is so short staffed that I don't have time to look for a new job. I know I know it is bad to look for a job while you are at work but come on! Like I have time to do it at home with two children under the age of 3. Hey so if anyone knows of a company or a person who needs a graphic designer I am their woman!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh Sweet Fiber

I am so upset! My camera card is full and I cannot find the card reader to dump some pictures and take a new one of the BEAUTIFUL fiber I got yesterday.

Katie who watches my children during the day while my husband and I work, (I can't even call her my day care provider because she is much more like a day time mother to them she is great!). Karen and I have wanted to learn how to spin and Katie said she would teach us. Katie is a very talented fiber artist and clothing designer (you can actually check out some of her stuff and mine that she will be consigning at the March I Heart Rummage sale.) So her family was visiting her this weekend, they work on the Pomeroy Living History farm, and her mother brought up some drop spindles that her father makes and some fiber. Oh sweet fiber. It is so beautiful and it is just over across the room taunting me! I want to just pull it out of the bag and practice but I haven't the slightest clue what I am doing and I don't want to ruin it.

I had SNB over at my house yesterday. Very fun and busy. I worked some more on Shadir. Made another mistake but I am NOT going to take it out again. Also Riley's sitter from Trinity (where I used to work) came over. She brought some cool gifts from her visit to Africa. Riley just loves her hand made wooden animal toys.

My husband was supposed to go get a camper off of craigslist for the second weekend in a row! This guy is pissing me off what a flake! "Oh i will call you when I get back from ________" ......still no call.

My parents also came back from their wonderful Mexico cruise last night. We will see them today.

AND! We are getting out of the city next weekend! We will be going to Port Angeles to hang out at my grandparent's house. I can't wait. Hopefully I can talk my grandma into visiting some cute yarn shops while we are there.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shallow People Bug Me

So there is a gal at my work that I like to call "The Russian Ice Princess". If you met her you would get it. Well today she was going off about how she was embarrassed that she didn't wear make-up today ( I rarely wear makeup) Then she was telling the office how in order to be a successful person you needed to wear nice things every day and look "good". Then she went on to say she had a heavy friend (I am overweight) who despite her "deformity" still dressed nice daily and was very successful. Yes I know I shouldn't let shallow people like her get to me but what a fucking bitch. I just feel that if there is a fat ass in the room don't talk badly about fat people you know? If you work with someone who wears jeans and t-shirts on a daily basis don't talk shit about people like that just have some tact. Right?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thank you SP!

I just got a nice Valentine e-card from my new angel secret pal! It is so sweet.

Monday, February 13, 2006 more time I swear

So I ripped out Shadir again! I just DID NOT like the way it looked in the larger guage....can we say ....crap...hmmm I guess whoever made the pattern knew what they were doing ; ) Good news though I did get past where I kept screwing up so I am confident now that at the smaller guage I CAN DO THIS! In other good news a few friends and I are going to get out of the house sans kids and hit a yarn shop and do coffee afterward and sit and knit in the coffee shop. We are headed to the Yarn Gallery in West Seattle. Great shop. PACKED....PACKED! The best part is I get paid on Wednesday...YES! I am going to pick up #1 addi turbos for magic loop and some stitch markers.....maybe some sock yarn. I have been addicted to sock yarn. I got my first elann order the other day. Sock yarn...yay!

One more time

Ok so I cast on for Shadir one more time. I know I am a glutton for punishment but I am not a quitter and the yarn was taunting me all yesterday. This time I am doing a larger guage and less stitches. I think I like it better more stiches and smaller guage but this will keep my sanity.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Can I bow out?

I am so frustrated with the hat I chose for the knitting olympics. I saw on the news this morning that Michelle Qwan has removed herself from competition and I am thinking I might do the same thing. I have taken parts or all of my hat apart 4 times already and I just found another BIG mistake that I will have to take out. I am just so frustrated and sick of doing the same BEGINNING part over and over and over again.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Note to self:

When following a cable chart go right to left from the bottom.....not left to right. Also when in a pinch a paperclip makes a good cable needle.

Toddlers and Rowan don't mix

Riley just spilled cranberry juice all over my one and only Rowan Magazine....trying to stay calm.

Let the games begin!

I started knitting my entry for the 2006 Winter Knitting Olympics. I am knitting Shadir from Knitty's breast cancer issue. I decided on this because. 1. It has cables and I have not attempted cables yet. 2. It follows a chart and I have not knit from a chart yet. 3. I had a lumpectomy in November. Thankfully my large pair of golfball sized lumps were benign but it was still a very scary time in my life. I thought knitting something breast cancer related would be fitting. Not too many big plans this weekend except for knitting....maybe some cleaning. Everyone in my house has the worst cold ever. Hubby hasn't gotten it yet and I am holding it at bay with airborne but two kids under the age of 3 with a bad cold isn't the funnest thing. : ) I have had to miss two baby showers this week. Yes the O Canada hat and Miss Dashwood did not get to make an appearance : ( My parents leave for a Mexican cruise jealous? NO! Well back to knitting. I will post my progress later after I start some of the cabling.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Secret Pal????

I heard your internet is down. I hope everything is ok. I have been anticipating contact with you :)

Please Stand By

My bright and intelligent self decided while I was home to change my blog around. I am toying with going to wordpress as well. Please bear with me. I am hoping to have everything back to somewhat normal by the weekend.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Home with sickie

One part of being a parent is that when your child is sick life as you know it stops. Riley is sick : ( I had a job interview today : ( I actually contemplated sending her to daycare and picking her up after my interview but you know what my child is just much more important than a potential new job. I hope they guy I was scheduled to meet with today understands and will reschedule. Plus Riley isn't just sick she has a temp, a horrible cough, and there is a boy at her daycare that has asthma and I really don't want him to get sick as well because when he is sick it is bad. Ok she just threw up poor thing! I have to say I am looking forward to a full day alone with my Riley. Paul took Jake to daycare because he isn't sick. I haven't been able to spend a full day alone with Riley in God knows how long and I miss her! Hopefully while she is resting I can get the house clean and maybe do some sewing. Otherwise oh well I will just cuddle with my sweet baby all day.

Monday, February 06, 2006


So I finished Odessa this weekend. It is a beautiful hat but I need to frog it. At least down to the decrease section. When I put it on my head it just doesn't feel long enough. It looks like how it is supposed to look almost covering the ear but I don't like the way it feels on me. I am not looking forward to frogging it : ( But in the end I will be happy. In other news I have a job interview tomorrow. I am a little excited. I am not sure if I want to go to this new company. Really I just want to get out of the company I work for. They are going through some bad times financially and I don't think I want to hang out through all of that. Last week a gal I work with couldn't cash her freaking paycheck....that is bad.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Socks Socks Socks!

I am obsessed with sock knitting now. It is a lot of what I think about during the day. I have a list of socks I want to make! All I want to buy is yarn to make socks! ack!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Here is the ball of yarn and the beads that I am using for ...



Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My day is complete!

I have been stalking Grumperina's blog for weeks waiting for her to post her hat pattern and here it is! I can't wait to knit it. Sadly though I cannot spend money on my stash for a while. :( After all of the car trouble I really need to curb my stash spending. But when I can buy for this hat there is a bead shop in Burien that I have been wanting to visit. Other good news. Yesterday was my first paycheck with my $3.50/hr raise added in. MAN! Does that make a big difference.....well and it was a 3 week pay period :)