Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I am going in on Thursday for a diagnostic exam on my left breast. There are lumps. Hopefully it is nothing but I am still scared.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Purling Puppies may I please join now?

Getting Squished for Yarn!

Village Yarn and Tea hosted the Swedish Mammogram bus today. If you signed up you got a nice grab bag of goodies! Shown here. I signed up but I actually did not get a mammorgram. Since I came knowing I have lumps they are sending me to the center for a diagnostic test. GREAT! For those of you that don't know I had a lumpectomy in Nov. 2005. I had two golf ball sized lactating adinomas. Thankfully they were benign. I have been breastfeeding this whole time so I don't know if the lumps are just ducts that got blocked during the surgery or what. Hopefully everything turns up ok. I have my diagnostic appt on Thursday.

My mom's birthday is in September. The big 52. I can't believe it. She is so young at heart and doesn't look nearly in her 50s more like early 40s. I took Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road to her and told her to pick out a pair of socks. She chose the New England Socks. So I decided to do them in cotton for her. I love stork. I know it works for warshrags I just hope it also works for her socks.

Tomorrow I am having friends over. We are knitting hats for babies born in the local naval hospital. It will be nice to sit and chat and knit for a good cause. The only bad part about it is trying to clean the house today in this beautiful weather!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

International Mail!

So last week I won this auction on ebay. I was a little nervous as I have never bought anything from overseas let alone on ebay and there were some negatives. Well..... I got my package as you can see......

However inside was not what I won in the auction.

I emailed hopefully I get what I ordered. Granted these are a lot of needles but I wanted the DPNS! :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let the Kool-Aid Flow!

I had some more fun with Kool-Aid tonight. I re-dyed some yarn I had done about a year ago. I really didn't feel like I covered the yarn enough so this time I did a lot of red. I think it will be really nice when knitted up. It is the longer skein hanging up. Then the shorter skein with the blue is from the other night. Sorry my laundry area is super small and it is very hard to get a good picture back there.

Here is the Knit Picks yarn I dyed the other night on my swift. At this point I was still unsure if I liked it fully. I haven't been too too hip on veregated yarns and I was trying for a self striping yarn and I don't think I did it right.

Oh but look how great it looks wound into a ball! Beautiful. I have just the person in mind who will get wonderful socks.

And I am so excited that I uploaded pictures through blogger! Ok off to find a sock pattern for this lovely yarn!

I want to be one of those knitters

I want to be one of these. I want to get projects finished. This is my goal. Now that I am coming into Christmas knitting time it will give me the push to want to get projects finished. I want to find a pattern and knit it and go onto the next project not dip into my stash and find UFOs all over the place then end up ripping them out because I don't want that project anymore. I want to finish one sock and then start the next not something else. Sigh! Back to work.....I am bored.

Yay for Kool-Aid

Yes it is after 12am. I should be in bed but I am up dying some yarn with kool-aid!

This past week I got some superwash merino from knitpicks and tonight finally got the nerve to microwave dye it.

All is going well. I had some deep purple, dark red, and some nice aqua blue but it is dying again as I thought there was too much white. I didn't have any more of the blue I had used so now there is more purple and some blood red. oooohhhhhhh

So much fun! I want to buy more and do more!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend at the Lake

We had a nice weekend at the lake. Here is Riley and I on our boat tour. My mom likes to take people around the lake and tell them who lives where and what they do and how much they bought and sold for etc. How she knows all of this I have no clue.

Yes he actually fell asleep while playing in the lake. We were pushing him back and forth and then I noticed that he was asleep. Too precious!

Jake really likes chillin in the old camp chair.

And the best pictures. As you can see we travel in style.

Notice that one side of the truck is a different color than the other.

In knitting news......
I brough Ried to finish. Thought I really would but I only got about 80% of a sleeve done. Now I need to finish the sleeve and do the right front and the other sleeve, construct and edge it.

I also brough the secret project and another baby sweater I am working on but didn't get to those. However, I did get some freelance work done. We brought my iMac. Which is nice but let me tell you a lap top would be much more helpful. I have a few freelance projects coming my way and I am tempted to pool all the money together and get a nice laptop for myself.

well off to clean!.....and knit!

Friday, August 18, 2006

A much needed rest!

We are off to the lake this weekend THANK GOD!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I need this break! Today has been a hectic day at work too.....hectic week actually. 1. Our plate maker was down for two days not good in a printing company and why do we only have one of these things? 2. Had to write a serious letter to my bosses boss. Had a meeting everything went well work is better 3. Plate maker isn't working right. Guy can't come in to fix until monday. My co-worker left early today knowing I wanted to. He was already gone when I got here! DICK! 4. I am slammed at work! 5. The owner told me to find a new hire by monday. WHAT? monday? really? and you are telling me at noon on a friday? hey way to prepare buddy! Since I gave you my friends resume 3 freaking weeks ago and of course she already has another job now! Craigslist please do your thing for me now! So needless to say I am looking very forward to swimming, sitting, and knitting. I am also bringing my mac to do freelance web work. See everyone monday! Oh and I still want my previous question answered if anyone out there reads this thing!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I actually don't have Kankles but every time I make a sock for myself out of a normal pattern I feel like I do! What is up with these patterns! I do have normal ankles but I think that I have thicker calves than most I guess. I was checking out the Knitty suprise. Great idea! However I also have a great book with a lot of neat heel and toe constructions that I would like to use. So is there anything out there that I could use to calculate my size for a top down sock?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here is the last SP8 gift for my spoilee. I sent her a letter the other day revealing my true identity!

This has been a really fun round of secret pal. I hope she really enjoys this gift. I know I would!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

DPNs vs. Magic Loop

Ok so the great debate with socks. DPN or Magic loop?

My very very first attempt at socks were with DPN. I didn't like it or hate it. I was a fairly new knitter so I was a bit clumsy with the DPNs. Then I heard about Magic Loop and how wonderful it was so I thought "hey why not try it right?". So I bought the expensive needles and the book and sat down and figured it out and LOVED IT!

I then proceeded to tell every knitter I knew about Magic Loop and the wonders of this technique and how quickly socks knit up and how much fun it was!

I was wandering happily along on my magic loop journey when I was reading Yarn Harlot's book. She made me think "maybe I am missing out on something. I mean she searched and searched in her car for the blue needle. There must be something cool about DPNs. Why don't I give it another shot?"

So I went to my LYS and of course the DPNs are cheap and I thought "well if I don't like them there wasn't that much of and expense put in I can just give them away to another knitter". I made sure I would have enough to really do a good test and try different guages 0, 1, 2 and 3.

I started with the 0.........oh my! I was missing something. How fast a knitter I have become. Transitioning needles. Who needs magic loop! I knit up some baby socks faster than I ever had before. Is it the novelty of the small needles? I thought. So I tried some other socks on a larger guage (1).....still loving it! Look how nicely they fit into my purse. No cords going all over the place. How nice!

Well my magic loop needles started to get a little lonely. I could feel them looking at me in the basket every time I pulled out my DPNs to make socks. I think I even saw one cry. Maybe it was moisture from a nearby water bottle but I swear it was a little needle tear.

So last night I cast on in Magic Loop for some DK weight socks (thank you again pal for the lovely lovely yarn). Now I feel like I am missing Magic loop. I liked how I could speed along. I like how I can try on my sock and not worry about stitches falling off the ends of the needles when I slip the sock over my heel. I can check the sizing progress as I go much more efficently in my opinion. Can a sock knitter do both? Is it in the big book of knitting rules? Can I be in both clubs? Am I cheating on my needles? Really a knitter needs to know!

And of course cute pictures!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Blogger you have forced me to do this. I now have a Flickr account and I will be uploading my pictures that way.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Nature of Humans

So Paul and I went to this. It sounded pretty cool. Let me tell you.....mayhem....pure mayhem! People are crazy creatures. The place was a pit because people were just tearing through boxes and throwing stuff on the ground glass was broken you name it. People were pushing and grabbing. What makes people do this sort of thing? Really if anyone has studied this I am very interested. I had no urge to go tearing through there. Is it because I have more than other people? Is it because I didn't get there in the mad rush but afterward? If I would have been there through the mad rush would I have been as crazy as everyone else? And the funny thing was is that there was more than enough free stuff for everyone....AND the crap people were crazy over was just that ....crap. Why be pushy over a 10 year old stero that is missing an antenna? Or the VHS tapes that are going to be obsolete soon and who knows how they play. I mean really there was barely room to walk around because everyone was crazy tearing through stuff. Things were getting broken. I feel very very sorry for the people that own the place and have to clean up after those animals. When Riley and I were picking through books we were actually picking them up off the floor and putting them back onto the shelves. There was a box that was torn down the side from people tearing through the books! I did get a few cool things for free. A box of books (cookbooks for my collection, handyman books for paul, poker books for paul, and a few books to read). I also picked up some big metal cooking pots for dying yarn and roving and some pots for our camper. Well off to clean. I am still in my organizing kick. I am going to pick through our bedroom again. Go through my fabric I will never get to because of my yarn addiction. Oh yes. We had dinner at Hooters last night. YUM! I love their food and let me tell you that if you bring two cute children there you get great service! Actually we always get great service there. I really could care less about what the girls wear. They are all super nice and making a living and let me tell you that you see worse on the beach in the summer. And honestly if I looked as great as those girls look I would work there too!

Friday, August 11, 2006

October 7th

October 7th is my cut off day for the best baby gift ever. That is when my friend will be having her baby shower. Ok I can do this I know I can. I am actually plugging along faster than I thought but still that is pressure. I listened to my first knitting podcasts today. Pretty interesting. I wish I would have thought of it sooner. It is nice background for work.....although makes me want to knit. We were going to go to the lake this weekend but we are opting now to stay at home and get things done around the house. I am in the midst of a major reorganization of our home. I have been going room to room. It is very ....how should I put it....almost spiritual :) Getting rid of clutter really is very freeing. I feel better about myself and my home when I declutter. I feel like less of a slob and someone who needs to hold on to material things. Of course after the breast cancer scare last year a lot of little things seem less important now. I have a MAJOR work post but I am trying to decipher how to word it. I am having serious problems with my boss and I know if he worked anywhere else where there was an HR department he would be fired.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just bragging :)

How freaking cute are they? Let me tell you it took many many tries to get both of my children somewhat smiling and both looking at me at the same time. I now know why photographers get paid so much.

Suprisingly this was actually my husband's idea. This is what inspired the photo fest.

This one definitely needs to be ordered as a print for the office desk. I need more happy pictures.

And of course our hairy children Bella and Bob. Again this took many tries to finally get it right. Paul had to stand behind me with cookies in hand. Lovely.

My Oh My!

We went to the Mariners game last night. What a great game! It was pretty normal until the 8th tied one to one. Then it went to the 10th inning and the devil rays load the bases with Mariners then Big Ritchie his the grand salami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so loud and so much fun! I brought my knitting. I am working on a top secret project for baby trout. Some people know about it but I can't blog about it! ack! This will be the most awesome thing I have knitted thus far in my short (2 yearsish) career in knitting. It will test my patience and skill as a knitter. And I SO want to post about it!. I am having a good time with it though I have to say. So at the game there were some teenagers sitting behind me and the girl asked what I was knitting. I showed her and she seemed really interested and said she didn't knit but maybe I sparked her interest. Oh and the woman sitting next to us was nursing a baby who was over the 6 month mark! YES! Her boy looked almost 1. He was so cute!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blogger you suck!

I have the cutest pictures I took last night of the kids and I can't upload them....grrrrrr! Going to the Mariner game tonight. I hope they win! I am going to bring my knitting. I finished up one warshrag and started on the opposite. oh in other news I am fitting into yet another pair of smaller pants! YES!

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm on the wagon

Yes I am addicted to warshcloths! And yes I am doing THE CLOTH. But actually I found the pattern online here. It is a great pattern. Totally mindless. I am making this one for my spoilee. I am going to make her a set. Two like this and then two with reversed colors. It is made from Paton's cotton but it is textured a bit. It is a really nice and soft cloth. I spent some more of my money this weekend. I will have to post a picture later. I have $4 left from my 40. Not that big of a deal I guess. I think I have made pretty good buys so far. And I have more than enough yarn to work with......embarrasingly. I think I am going to make some cute DK socks from my rowan. Maybe cables? I am thinking of doing them toe up as well. And of course picture of my men. How cute! This is how they were when Riley and I came back from my LYS and a few yard sales over the weekend.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Pictures

The Package

Of course when you get anything in the mail and you have a toddler you aren't going to ever open it yourself

And Jake just wants the camera

And the goodies in all of their glory! I actually took this picture hours later in the evening because the kids were crawling all over everything I couldn't even get a good picture. And as you can see Riley is standing.....hovering :). Ok I am going to sit down and start reading my new book!

Thanks again pal!

So in other news the stupid druggie neighbor is back. GREAT! UGH! And one of the neighbors daughters is hiding out there from someone. I know she is married. They park the car through the back yard and behind the garage every night. Fun times!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pal.....you freaking rock!

I got another SP8 gift in the mail today. Ok my pal totally goes above and beyond this is too awesome. And blogger is being a bitch right now and I can't upload photos! grrrrr! Anywhoo! I got Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules book, two skeins of of a wonderful lavender rowan cashsoft ( I LOVE THIS YARN!) a cute ladybug bookmark and the freaking funniest card. On the front there is a bagpipe with the horn in an ashtray and it says "I think that the guy who invented the bagpipe was trying to smoke something but accidentally made music." Just my type of funny! Thanks so much pal you are awesome. Hopefully blogger will be nice later and I can post pictures.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fricken Frack!

What time is it???? Oh 7:52 pm.... Where am I????? at work Why???? Because I royally F-ed up on a print job that was due today so I need to babysit it until it is done....good job sarah!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Let the debt diet begin. Below is what $16.71 will buy you at Joann's. This is actually good because i could have bought a LOT more than this but I was deciding do I need this? and how much does this cost? So the knitting loom and the cable needle are for me and the rest is for my secret pal. I am putting her August SP gift together. I love the colors of the yarn and it was oh so cheap but I decided not to buy myself any yarn last night.