Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year in Review

When you do all the knitting you think it would be more and actually it was. I never took pictures of the three sweaters I made for bazaars and sold 2 actually. I also have two pairs of socks I made for myself I haven't photographed either and one more doily I made for my brother's girlfriend for christmas.

I am proud of myself though. I think I pushed myself and excelled at knitting this year. This was the year of fair isle and cables for sure.

Now for resolutions. I resolve to not have any this year! I never keep them, so why bother right! Last year I was going to loose 80 lbs by this time. That didn't happen I don't think I lost any weight actually I did loose 10 pounds right before thanksgiving and I haven't put that weight back on through the holidays so that makes me happy. I am however stronger, I can play more with my kids before I get tired and I am more muscular so that is a fair trade.

So what is in store for next year? I think this next year will be the year of lace. I have already cast on for the shallowtail shawl and having fun with that. I have a fair amount of lace yarn to play with so it should be fun. I am also going to attempt to trudge through my WIP pile. We'll see how that goes with me being a cast on slut.

Well over and out for 2007 hello 2008!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Question For You Knitters?????


My daughter is having surgery in a week and a half! Wow I just realized this was sneaking up on us. So her surgery is only 2 hours but.... she will be in the hospital at least two days. I am going to be staying in the hospital with her in her room.

I am thinking about items to keep us both busy. Her list is easy but I am trying to think of what knitting projects I should bring while she is resting or watching DVDs.

Socks of course are easy but should I bring a bigger project? Will I get bored with socks? What if I run out of knitting? Will I die? Am I a bad mother for thinking of what to knit when I should be worried about my daughter?

I have always wanted to knit the Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave Knits and I have the issue and the yarn maybe I should start that? From what I hear it is a fast easy knit maybe I could finish it in the time I am there? With my 3 doily projects that I did for christmas gifts I think I can handle that project.

I also have the yarn and pattern for the Knit Picks Telemark Ski Sweater but maybe that is too much of an extensive project to bring with me?

I am also working on a baby sweater maybe I should just bring that?


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Note To Self .....

Don't start christmas knitting the second week of December.

I have 2 more gifts to finish. I think I can I think I can. One is a doily for my mother that is in progress and the other is a hat for Paul which technically can be done in a day with a sore wrist afterward.

Friday, December 14, 2007


We did our annual visit to see Santa last weekend. Riley got a little star struck and couldn't tell Santa about the barbie that she wants and has been talking about non-stop since October. It was reminiscent of Ralphie's visit in A Christmas Story.

Jake didn't want to have anything to do with Santa again. Can you see Paul hiding behind Jake?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Down

I thought I wasn't going to do a lot of knitting for christmas this year because I thought I had knit all I could for people in years past but I forgot about DOILYS!

This one is for my mother-in-law. I attempted this one a few years ago and I used too large of thread with too small of needles and it just didn't turn out right. Now that I am a more experienced knitter I am proud to give this as a gift.

It only took me a few days so I think I will make a few more as gifts. I know my mother and grandmother would love one.

Oh I should say where I got the pattern ;) This is from the FIrst Book of Modern Lace Knitting. It is the large doily from the Valentine Design. The only modifications I made besides picking thread and needles in the guage I wanted to knit in was changing the crochet edging. The edging calles for a lot of chains which makes more loops on the end. (something like 3st 9ch twice then 3 st 7 ch twice all the way around). I lessened it considerably (3st, 3hdc, 3st, 3ch 1dc into 3 loops, 3ch all the way around) and I am very happy with the outcome.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sick Kids

I have two sick kids :( The usual winter cold. FUN FUN FUN!

In other news Riley had an MRI of her urinary system this week. That was a bit rough on us parents. We were at Children's Hospital here in Seattle and they put kids under general anesthesia for MRI's to keep them perfectly still and basically so they don't freak out in the machine. That is fine with me but it was still nerve wracking. I didn't like watching my kid fall asleep so fast with the gas and then when they brough her back to the room she was breathing so shallow that she honestly looked dead. I did not like that at all. And she still had this tube in her mouth to keep her tounge down. ICK!

It does look like surgery to fix the blockage in her uriter is inevitable. I will know more next week when I hear from her doctor. But mentally I am trying to prepare myself. It has been 4 years of monitoring this porblem and for some reason in the past 9 months her reflux is totally gone which is great but the blockage is worse. Part of me does NOT want my child to have surgery but the other part just wants it to be all over with. I hate going to these update appointments always wondering what we are going to see this time.

Sorry no knitting pictures. I have really just been trying to get ready for a few bazaars I am going to sell at in December. So no fun knitting at all. Ok scratch that I am knitting for bazaars and all knitting is fun I am just having to put my personal projects on hold right now.

That being said I haven't decided yet if I am even doing any knit gifts this christmas. I really should have started this all in september. I was thinking my neice and nephew will get knit hats those are easy enough and I can most likely finish those in a week. Other than that I am really not sure at all. I have given knit projects to everyone the past few years and I think I have run out of ideas and now time. New ideas I think for sure. I am really thinking if I have any leftover bazaar projects those will be christmas gifts. Of course no pictures either. Our camera is so crappy and broken and screwed. The flash is now broken so I need a TON of natural light for any decent picture because the flash is now broken. That will be my christmas present for sure a new camera.

Well that is about it for the update. More later.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Taaaaa Daaaaaa

See I have been knitting. I finished project! AND!!!!!! From start to finish done in less than a week. I started it last saturday and JUST finished it.

This sweater is being given to my cousin. Her shower is this Saturday, she is having a boy.

Ok brag time.....I am so incredibly impressed with myself. The knitting,

the time it took me to finish, the fact that I was determined enough to NOT pick up another project until this one was finished!

I also found some great antique buttons from my stash that just complete this sweater perfectly.

And the long awaited Trellis

This set got the most amazing reception at the shower it was given at. I was almost brought to tears actually. I think it was then I finally realized that I am a very very very good knitter. Until now I think I was being too modest but if you are really excelling at a craft you should really embrace that and be proud of the fact that you have mastered something.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wow! Long time no post.

I have been working on a lot of projects as you can see below.

I am getting a stash of stuff together to sell at xmas bazaars this year. That is taking time of course.

I have been knitting. I still need to post a trellis picture. I finished the best fitting socks ever and I am working on an aran pullover now that needs to be finished by saturday for my cousin's baby shower.

Other than that I have been still freelancing from home. My mom's group started up again last month and being involved in that again after being gone almost 2 years is refreshing. Just being a stay at home mom. I also joined the Fly Lady list to get my home more organized.

So I guess you could say busy but staying at home never really "feels" busy. Maybe next year when Riley starts school. Ok more pictures to come.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm A Winner

Wahooooooooo! I won one of these Monkey Bags from Socktopia! YEAH!!!!!!! Sorry for not posting in so long to my 4 readers. I have been busy at home and with work. I have been knitting. I finished Trellis and I am working on bazaar items for this winter. More later.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Dye Day

Or dye evening actually. My husband picked up a part-time job in the evenings so with the kids busy enjoying the evening playing outside I spent a few hours last night dying my latest shipment from Matahari Spinnery. I am not sure how I got on their email list but a short while ago I received an email about a sale and bought up 2 pounds of super wash merino for sock yarn to dye for the shop.

Since perusing through my new book I have been looking through my yard to find new plants to dye with. HYDRANGEA! Of course! Why not right? My favorite flower, beautiful blooms, the dye has to come out some amazing color right.....not.....

Here are the flowers after being soaked and cooked down. Ewwwww right....oh and it smells! I could have just stopped here but no I am too stubborn for that I persisted on. Here is the dye bath after being strained. Again...ewwwww. Again I could have stopped but went on. Here is the yarn that came from that dying experiment after I decided to add some pink thanks to the stash of powder dyes that I have. The initial color that came from the flowers as you can see is a very light army green color. After adding some pink I do see hydrangea in this yarn the more I look at it and thus the more I like it.

I came to a realization after this experiment yesterday and after looking through my book some more that pretty much most items in my yard are going to produce a green hue as a result. Makes total sense unless you use berries. DUR! Sometimes I am a bit slow.

So after that attempt I decided to just have a whole dye evening and I guess I was in a purple mood judging from the results.

Sachi asked me yesterday if I feel like a mad scientist when I am doing this and yes I do. I don't do dying exactly as is outlined in any books (aside from treating the yarn so it takes the dye) I use them as a guide and I pretty much just throw in what I want. Some of this might be over dyed who knows. I was thinking after looking at all of these spring colors that maybe I should have been thinking fall since these are destined for the shop. Also I know that dyed yarn always changes in look from how it is on the hank here to when I wind it up in skeins using my very handy PVC niddy noddy thank to the handy hubby. Then again it will change when it is wound on a ball and knit up.

I wish I did have more yarn to dye now. I think I still have some from ages ago that I can over dye. I am thinking something with greens, browns, and some deep yellow for fall, maybe only because it is foggy here.

I realize I haven't really put up any tutorials on how I went through my process of using the lichen and the hydrangea to dye yarn. I figure there are so many tutorials on the web already to do with dying yarn why add another. If you are really interested in using plants and vegetation to dye your yarn just check out Craft of the Dyer (the book I am using) from your local library or actually just buy it. It is definitely a home library need for the dyer in my own personal opinion.

Well I suppose now I should get some real work done.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lichen Yarn

Earlier this past month while visiting my grandmother she gave me a nice gift of a bag of lichen from eastern Washington and this book The Craft of the Dyer So this past week I had fun processing the lichen and dying yarn.

It is definitely much more of a process than normal powder dyes but so worth it. I can't wait to process my hydrangia flowers, blackberry plants and my cherry tree to see what I get.

Oh and the yarn is at the shop ;). My grandmother of course gets some and I put up what is left.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


We got a lab/retriever mix puppy today. Riley named her Hermione no big suprise to us. She is super cute and all she wants to do is chase Jake around the back yard. Bob likes her too which is great. He let her sleep on his bed for a bit then nosed her off which was pretty funny. I am sure there will be lots of updates.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dying Adventure

So today I am dying.

Ok my camera sucks I dropped it again I need a new one but I wanted you to get an idea of the color. This is such an amazing blue. I am thinking I will overdye this with a purple hue.

This orange is some dye I had used before and ended up very neon so I watered it down and it turned out so perfectly. I am thinking of overdying this one in a a rose color.

I also have a light green my favorite color that I did not photograph that I think is just perfect and needs no overdying. And I also dyed over a very very ugly first attempt at self striping.

Here's hoping I can talk my husband into a new camera purchase. I saw some nice camereas at costco. (wink wink paul).

On the knitting front I do have a lot of FOs that aren't worth photographing with a crappy camera. I have a friend that just had a baby girl and another friend who is expecting a boy any day now and they are both cloth diapering so I have been working on a lot of Curly Purly soakers. I am on my 4th now. staying home full time does offer more knitting time.....lovely.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Have I Been Up To?

Well I have been casting on for more projects than I need to that is for sure.

These calla costers I did over the weekend. I got the pattern from the purl bee.

Here is my progress on a bag pattern I got on my LYS tour a few months ago. It is all crochet so I am practicing more. I can't wait to finish it and use it at our local produce stands.

My progress on the Quinn bag. I notice I have been working on more cabling project. I love cabling. I have been doing the cable without a cable needle technique which is much easier for me. The yarn on this bag is gorgeous 2 ply light aran handspun from sachi.

This is my progress from just yesterday. I am so proud of myself. A trellis sweater in the works for a friends baby yet to be born. I am hoping to finish at least a front if not both today. This is done in my new favorite Peaches & Creme by the pound cone found at Wal-Mart for under $7. I think all my baby sweaters will be made in this now.

And my travel project for when I am out are these twin rib socks. I had actually gotten one worked on and was on the gussett when I decided it was too short so I am working toe up now so it should fit much better. Lorna's Laces envy....yum!

We also went to my great grandmother's 100th birthday party / family reunion in Port Angeles which was soooooo much fun! I have pictures but I am getting more from family so that will be a later post.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Warm up that camera baby!

I got my Ravelry invite!!!!!!!!!


I am so excited to check it out and see what's up. I have no pictures of the stash. I am so busy with freelance work right now too I don't see getting really into ravelry this week at all and we have my Great Grandmother's 100th birthday party this weekend too.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Well Deserved FO

Well..... my iMac decided to die today. The iMac that is my main source of income right now. The iMac that I do all of my freelance work on. So in the end I had to erase the hard drive and reinstall my very old OS software and now I am installing all of my software ALL OVER AGAIN. Seems simple right? No. My install disk was for OS 10.1 or something stupid like that and so now I am hanging out on the apple download page getting the OS updates one by one by one and installing them then restarting and going back again. If there is an easier way to do it I have no clue.

Anywhoooo. In my frustration today I had to walk away from my computer for a bit and finished a pair of socks.

These are Eleanor socks from the Socktopia site.
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill: Have to say I love this yarn. I will have to see how it washes up I have heard some complaints but I bought it anyway. It is soft and comfy.
Modifications: I used a US #3 needle

Thursday, July 19, 2007


In the words of Sachi "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I've had some stitch markers that I made last winter sitting around for a while and I have been meaning to open up an etsy shop for about a year. Well today I finally had time to make it happen!

Monday, July 16, 2007

BBQ 1 - Jake 0

This actually was NOT a funny event. Actually THE WORST mom moment for me thus far.

The Story:
We went to my parent's house for dinner and birthday cake last night. We were walking around the house and Jake saw my dad sitting on the deck and ran FULL SPEED to him...... well the metal BBQ got in his way and he basically clotheslined himself at eye level.

I screamed....loud and horribly. I think the whole neighborhood heard me. Jake was screaming. At first I was too afraid to look and when I did I saw bits of skin at his eye opening and started flipping out more because I thought it was parts of his eye but thankfully it was just scraped skin from his upper eye.

Thankfully, a nurse lives next door to my mom and she came over when she heard us saying eye this and eye that. We are lucky that he didn't break the skin so no stitches for as hard has he hit. Seriously it is hard for me to write about it. It was very traumatizing for me. Anyhow thankfully just a really ugly black eye no need for stitches and no broken bones. Paul says to take daily pictures of the swelling process. It is actually more swollen since I took this shot.


I should have Tzarina pictures to show in a few days. I just have about 4 more inches of the collar left to knit and with bulky yarn that should not take long. I wove in all the ends that I had last night so my finishing work should be lessened when I am done. Then just a good wash and block and then it shall be modeled for all to see!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What this girl does on a hot day...

I play with cotton!

I got 50 Baby Booties to Knit by Zoe Mellor from the library the other day and I am addicted! In this hot weather knitting cotton booties is the best thing. Although not much more progress has been made on my grandmothers gift. That's ok I still have 3 weeks left right?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Riley!

First Born

One Year Old

Two Years Old
3 Year Old Princess

4 Year Old Princess

I can't believe my first baby is now 4. I know everyone says it goes by so fast but it really does. It is amazing.

We had a nice small party for the kids yesterday (Jake's birthday is on the 15th). Paul got to play his Wii with his brother (yes we got one a week ago and it is so much fun!).

There has been some slow knitting. I just frogged yet another working sock because it wouldn't fit over my instep....again!

I am working on great grandma's birthday gift steadily now. I have about 3 weeks until the party. I am not big on progress pictures so there will be a finished picture hopefully soon.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

We spent our fourth around Burien for the most part. Hung out at home in the morning then hit the yearly Burien parade. I have to say it was pretty crappy this year. Maybe Burien is forking out too much money for the new town center to do a kick ass parade???

Riley and I were face painting twins. She chose the balloons.

Jake chillin in his chair.

Riley cheezin it up!

But alas all the excitement was too much for Jake.

It was H.O.T. hot! The poor kids were so hot by the time we got to the car. Thankfully grandma had bbq and a kiddie pool.