Saturday, January 13, 2007

#1 Irish Hiking Scarf

My first FO of the new year. An Irish Hiking Scarf for a friend who is spending the rest of the winter in London. Sadly I didn't finish before she left so this scarf will take a long trip in a FedEx box.

I am just amazed at the weather we are having. It is so surreal outside. From what I understand closer to downtown Seattle the snow is pretty much non-existant but in my little Burien world it is a winter wonderland. It snowed again today for most of the day.

This is the view from my knitting spot in the living room

I am not getting as much knitting done as I would like to. My husband and daughter BOTH have an intestinal flu. Not fun. I have spent most of the day cleaning my home, doing laundry and dishes which yes is rewarding but I would rather be sitting with my view and a fire.

In knitting news I feel like I have so many WIPs to work on. Corey I AM working on the sweater ;). I must confess I lost a skein of yarn I have NO CLUE where it went so I am tracking down more. Worst case I finish the front and back and the arms, hood and button band are in a different yarn.

I am now working on a Quidditch sweater for Riley. It is actually coming along very fast. I picked up some Cascade 220 for it and I am using Ann Bud's sweater book which is very nice to follow. I might make myself a sweater from this book later this year. I am doing the seamless raglan sweater.

Also, like a knitting dummy I cast on for another pair of socks when I already have two on the needles. I don't believe I have formally announced but this is going to be my "Year of Socks". More details later in an "official" post but pretty much I want to knit myself a month's worth of socks this year. I have been collecting sock yarn over the past few months and I believe I have about 2 weeks worth of socks in yarn. The other day I picked up some Great Adirondack Yarn Company Silky Sock yarn at my favorite LYS. I can't wait to cast on with this yarn.

Well the laundry machine is calling.....happy knitting!


pseudobunny said...

we had that flu too!
awful awful
a house full of pukey grown ups and kids RIGHT BEFORE XMAS
poor daisy walking around the house with a bucket saying "christmas is ruined"
everyone pulled it together for presents though
popsicles worked for me
hope everyone feels better and someone buys you diamonds or gems for being a super mom
and yes, i am working on the bus and the roadtrip!!!

lynnm said...

Sorry to hear about the flu hitting your house.

You asked about the LYS I go to. If I need to make a quick trip, I go to Renaissance Yarn in Kent. It is good for Cascade 220, Noro and Lorna's Laces but if I need something other than that I go to Weaving Works or Fiber Gallery.